1st time to a Thai restaurant

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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/06/04 01:00:01 (permalink)
Hi CC.

Did you enjoy your first time at a Thai restaurant? You never wrote back, and I worried how it went!!
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/06/04 16:32:25 (permalink)

Suggestions needed for a 1st visit to a Thai restaurant:
Appetizers, soups, main course.
I can take a little bit on heat in my food & my husband likes a LOT of heat. 
Thanks in advance for the help.

My first trip to a Thai restaurant came about 20 years ago in Cincinnati, I bumped into a friend of mine who said he had just been to a Thai restaurant.  I asked him about it and he described it to me and when I asked him what it was, so I could order it when I went, he said, "I don't know, it was just #36 on the menu."
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/09/15 10:40:36 (permalink)
The first time I tried Thai food I was astonished. You sure can't go wrong with Thai Beef ya hear. Every Thai restaurant I have been to has the splendid Thai Beef or Chicken. I never have any complaints. YUMM.
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/09/15 12:04:40 (permalink)
First ---I see names that I haven't seen lately----I hope everyone is just very busy.
In 1993 or 4 I had tickets for a show playing down in Greenwich Village.
My wife heard about this Thai Restaurant close to the Village gate---
so we went.  It was tiny, but the food was very good.  Then my wife asked for the Ladies Room.  Our little waitress bowed and motioned
___Follow me----they went through the kitchen  where #1 Chef
(A THAI GUY) and his helper----bowed, smiled and said "--allo Lady"  ---my
wife entered a little room with one toilet and one sink and one door with one hook------used by all---and not meeting Board of health Standards.
She waited a few minutes then came out and said to me----I'll hold it till we get to the theater.
It was
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/10/12 14:36:24 (permalink)

The first thing about Thai food is that no place can agree on the correct pronunciation into English, and the more unusual the ingredients the better it is. Mint, peanut, lemon grass, cilantro make appearances. Like many places that serve spicy foods, you can ask for it to be toned down. ....usually.

For starters try Tom Ka Gai. A mild coconut chicken soup
I love Tod Mun., fishcakes served with sweet cucumber and peanuts
Larb is a good spicy salad of ground, chicken, beef or pork. I recommend you ask for it mild. I do.

Pad Thai is the 'go to' item for most neophytes. I have never seen it with pork, though I would order it. Chicken and shrimp are the usual offerings.
Baah Ben mentions Mee Grob. I've seen it spelled Mee Krob in some of my Thai cookbooks. I wish I could find it at more restaurants.


Tom Ka Kai is a great suggestion!
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/10/12 21:02:35 (permalink)
Bangkok Noodles is what I get every time. My friend who is Laotian gets the beef salad. We share the deep fried squid & spring rolls. I usually get a bubble tea with raspberry & coconut so it tastes like a zinger. I have enjoyed the red & green curries as well as the pad thai, too. Can't think of anything else right now, but would LOVE some Thai iced coffee for tomorrow morning. I hate livin in the burbs. Cup Jai means thank you. It is the only Thai I speak.
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/10/12 21:19:37 (permalink)
stuffed chicken wings-superb
and Whole Crispy Fish
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/10/13 06:11:31 (permalink)
i like thai basil beef, or any shrimp dish with coconut milk.
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2010/10/13 08:32:22 (permalink)
Drunken Noodles are my favourite Thai dish.
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Re:1st time to a Thai restaurant 2011/02/21 10:43:29 (permalink)
I always go to the Pad Thai with tofu, but every place does it different, think peanutty lime...
Thai red curry is delicious, and if you gat a chance for some curried duck, go for it! Yum!
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