2011 NCD in Springfield IL?

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2010/03/22 15:13:05 (permalink)

2011 NCD in Springfield IL?

Apparently this past Saturday was the pseudoholiday known as National Corndog Day.  I'm just thinking out loud here but maybe next year it might be interesting to get a group of Midwesterners, perhaps those who aren't making the time and money investments in a Glee Club or NOLA trip, to visit the Cozy Dog and some of Springfield, Illinois' other Roadfood establishments for a day or even a weekend.  And for history buffs, Springfield features such interesting places as the burial sites of Abe Lincoln's body and Rod Blagojevich's career...
Just thought I'd throw this out there as something to think about.
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/03/22 15:18:43 (permalink)
    Hmmmm, interesting.  I would definitely be interested in something like this. 
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/03/22 15:52:58 (permalink)
    Brad (or anyone else), if you haven't visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, be sure you plan to see it.  It is a fantastic museum (sort of a DisneyWorld does history) that appeals to all ages and levels of interest. (I have already been there twice.)  Check out their website at http://www.alplm.org/

    By the way, I would be interested in this get together too, as I only live about 75 miles from Springfield.  I am sure DRofBBQ would love to have a whole group come down to visit.
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/03/22 20:40:00 (permalink)
    I'll make a tentative commitment to participate.  March 2011 is a long way away (a year to be exact) and a lot can happen between now and then.  If we do this, there are plenty of options for making it a true Roadfood weekend.

    Besides The Cozy Dog there is our own Dr. of BBQ, followed by Top Cats for excellent thin crust bar pizza and Jack Robinson System hamburgers, Gabatoni's for a 50's throwback Italian meal including abundant paintings of dogs playing poker, Saputo's for a 60's throwback Italian dinner (slightly more upscale than Gabatoni's), Darcy's Pint (among others) for Horseshoe Sandwiches, not to mention the many choices found reviewed right here at Roadfood.

    Did you say a weekend?  We might need a whole week!

    carolina bob
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/03/22 21:00:35 (permalink)
    Sounds like fun. Put me down as another tentative "yes".
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/03/23 09:45:11 (permalink)
    Springfield is an excellent place to visit.
    Another fun stop along the way for those of us coming from the north is Funks Maple Sirup. Not to mention that March is siruping season.

    You can also drive down to Springfield from Chicago along the old Route 66,
    which has tons of fun places to stop along the way-
    three Illinois "giants" on the way to Springfield alone!
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/03/23 11:38:37 (permalink)
    Tentative "yes" from us, too.  I think driving down 66 to get there (at least to McLean- not much between McLean and Springfield) would be a great idea, too.
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    Re:2011 NCD in Springfield IL? 2010/04/05 21:02:24 (permalink)
    My work schedule would probably make it tough for me to get away for a trip like that in March 2011, but as it so happens, I've been thinking about going to Springfield/Peoria and maybe Urbana/Champaign in May (of this year), when my schedule opens up a bit.

    Last year in May I spent a long weekend in Iowa, so it could become a personal tradition of mine to make a regional trip every year.

    I'm writing down these recs, and I've been investigating other places to go during my trip. Keep 'em coming!

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