A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI

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2010/04/16 02:12:42 (permalink)

A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI

Hi All!
On Saturday, April 10 I made a small trip up to the Manitowoc/Two Rivers, Wisconsin area. Here’s a brief report on a brief trip….
My first stop (around 10:30 am) was at Phil Rohrer’s Lunch (1303 22nd St.) in Two Rivers. This diner is a local legend, and seems fixed in time….

Quite a few people were inside chatting and eating, so I didn’t go wild with the camera. However, I did take a shot of my patty melt and the so-called “raw fries” with gravy that I ordered with it:

The patty melt was very tasty, though wasn’t as melty and buttery as I like. The “raw fries” were tasty enough—from-scratch, deep-fried potato slivers—but the gravy tasted like it came from a can. Not bad, but I would order regular fries next time.
My next stop lay up the road along the lakeshore: Point Beach State Forest. This is a lovely forest, one of the newer additions to Wisconsin’s state line-up. After I parked my car, I walked down a trail and admired this marvellous lighthouse:

Operated by the Coast Guard, the Rawley Point Lighthouse began as a brick structure in the 1850s, but in the 1890s was replaced with a steel tower.
I walked around the park for over two hours—first along the beach….

….then in the forest itself. There are many hiking trails, including a pleasant but short trail that traverses the rolling topography of swale.
After two hours of hiking, I drove around a bit north of Two Rivers to take in the farmland vistas. It started to rain a little, so I enjoyed the smells of damp earth as I drove.
Around mid-afternoon I made my way back to Manitowoc. After a quick stop at Beernsten’s (108 N. 8th St.) for some chocolate, I found myself at Toby’s Diner (1424 Washington St.) where I had some Chicken and Dumpling soup….

….and a slice of coconut cream pie….

The soup was delicious: rich, well-seasoned chicken broth mixed with vegetables, chicken chunks, and tiny flour dumplings. I wish I had ordered a full bowl. The pie was disappointing, though probably typical for coconut cream: lots of cream custard filling topped with whipped cream, and a scattering of the usual toasted coconut on top. I prefer versions that showcase creamy and nutty coconut first and foremost, with a bit of cream/custard to bind things together.
It was getting late, and I had to make my way back to Milwaukee, but I decided to stop at Dr. Dawg (4144 Harbor Town Lane), a recently opened hot dog restaurant in a strip mall near I-43. I had heard a lot about this place from other Roadfood reports and various newspaper features, and I knew that the owner, David, was mentored by none other than ChicagoStyleDog at Hot Dog University. So, my expectations were high…. and I was not disappointed. David greeted me as I walked in, and after some small talk I realized that I had to have the Duck Sausage:


This was the culinary highlight of the day: delicious duck sausage with caramelized onions and a tangy sweet sauce on a soft poppyseed roll, and accompanied by a handful of fries. Highly addictive!  If I hadn’t eaten so much earlier in the day, I would have ordered one more for the road. Next time I’m in the Manitowoc area, I’m stopping at Dr. Dawg again for sure.
And after that, I hopped in the car and made my way back to Milwaukee, just in time to join friends for a dinner of lasagna, asparagus-prosciutto rolls, cr­ème brûlée, and plenty of wine.

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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/16 14:20:30 (permalink)
    I might have to try duck sausage after looking at that--gorgeous dog!  Thanks quijote!
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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/16 14:24:57 (permalink)
    Duck sausage???  I don't recall seeing it on the menu when I was there 2-1/2 months ago but I'm sure I had tunnel vision for a hot dog and a polish sausage.  Did you sample a bite without the roll or onions?

    Wisconsin's Eastern Seaboard would be interesting Contingent destination but definitely a long drive for the Chicagoans.

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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/16 14:41:29 (permalink)
    Thanks for the nice report.  Sorry your coconut cream pie wasn't better.  How was the candy from Beernsten's?
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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/16 17:47:43 (permalink)
    Great getaway Q!

    Point Beach is where I go to abuse my mountain bike and scare the heck out of hikers.  Sorry I "missed" you. 

    See you soon,

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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/17 01:38:59 (permalink)
    Nancy and Brad, I did have a naked bite--the sausage itself is rather mild, not gamey, and lightly seasoned. It's Maple Farms brand, I think. I haven't seen the sausage for sale in retail stores, but if I do I'll get some. Dr. Dawg also has a lot of other stuff on the menu to try, such as tamales, Italian beef sandwiches, and no-bean chili. I'm very intrigued by this.

    bb, The candy was very good--I bought it for the dinner party later in the evening, so we broke the box open and nibbled a bit. The candies were mostly fruit-flavored creams, but unfortunately, the guest who hates coconut got the coconut cream candy. I got a tasty strawberry cream. Tasty stuff, but Beerntsen's is more well-known for its specialty candies: fairy food, truffles, nut clusters, etc. Next time I'll mix it up a bit more.

    Jim, that park seems like a great place to bike, and I saw quite a few bikers zooming around at times. The park also seems to be very popular with campers, including some who seem to have established (semi-)permanent residence on the grounds (with mailboxes, too.). Must be nice to wake up, walk to the beach, hop on the bike, etc. I wonder if that can count as a "primary residence" on the census form....
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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/19 12:25:22 (permalink)
    I enjoy Ho-Made soup!
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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/20 18:01:44 (permalink)
    HI Quijote,

    Great trip report.

    The duck sausage is from Maple Farms. Dr. Dawg gets his from a food broker that I occasionally work for. It's not available for retail sales. ChicagoStyleDog is also familiar with the brokerage firm I work for.

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    Re:A Mini-Tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc, WI 2010/04/20 22:16:05 (permalink)
    I want my Duck Sausage!
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