A Third Helping of the Boilermaker in 2012 (Utica & Rome, NY)

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Re:A Third Helping of the Boilermaker in 2012 (Utica & Rome, NY) 2013/07/11 11:57:08 (permalink)
Also, Pulaski Meat Market on Lenox Ave. is really great for Polish foods & sausages. (polishfoodutica dot com) Not quite the Pulaski meat market in Chicago, but worth a stop. Unfortunately, the amazing Italian spot across the street - Tony Sparagna's (motto: "Where the music is on the plate") closed this past year.
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Re:A Third Helping of the Boilermaker in 2012 (Utica & Rome, NY) 2013/07/11 13:05:31 (permalink)
Superb report.wanting me to jump in the car and head Nawth for a few hours!.  How the heck you RUN let alone FINISH a race after all that food is beyond me, but the trip report was of Olympic Qulaity
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Re:A Third Helping of the Boilermaker in 2012 (Utica & Rome, NY) 2013/07/27 06:31:25 (permalink)
Thanks Groovercat.  Welcome to the Forums!  I also remember when the all-you-can-eat pasta nights at Tom Cavallo's were 99 cents.  It's still on Mondays but is now $3.99.  I used to go there all the time when I went to Utica College and I was just there two weeks ago for my post race lunch with my friends after we ran the Boilermaker.  Just as good as ever.  Never made it to Tony Sparagna's but Joey's is on my list.  Haven't been to Symeon's or Karam's in years.  There's a pretty strong Lebanese presence in the area and as a happy by-product, lots of great Lebanese food. I've got the Pulaski Meat Market on my list of places to try.  Sounds great.  After the Boilermaker each year they have a HUGE party right behind the brewery and while I was enjoying some fruit and a very refreshing sno-cone with my friends (it was soooo humid this year!!  Even the elite runners had difficulties!)  I saw some people sitting on the grass with takeout clamshells of pieogies, stuffed cabbage and kielbasa that smelled amazing.  They said they picked them up from the Polish Community Club on Columbia Street.  Another place I'll definitely need to check out!
Love2bake, I've really been enjoying your posts and being a pie hound they have really spoken to me.  Hope to make it out to SF again one day soon.  One of my favorite cities to walk around and explore and such great food options too.  Perhaps we can break bread together and find some excellent pie!
FriedClamFanatic, it's all about balance.  While I take shots of LOTS of food, I don't actually consume it all by myself.  The tomato pie and half moons are my contribution to the wonderful pre-race pasta carb loading party my friend Betsy and her husband Pat put on each year.  Everyone brings a dish to pass.  And my friends at Cavallo's are into the whole RF thing too so they indulge my picture taking and we pass around the food so everyone can sample a bit of everything without overdoing it. 
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