A couple of HRBs

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2012/08/05 15:56:17 (permalink)

A couple of HRBs

Recently we were traveling in northwestern Wisconsin and stopped in Butternut for lunch.  I'd done a little recon and decided that the local restaurant Jumbo's looked interesting.
Google Maps had me thinking that Jumbo's was in a Main Street storefront but in reality it's tucked in the back of a building.

There's nothing fancy about it but the Village Clerk had given me a positive review, so we staked out a table in the corner.  I didn't realize it until after we ordered that we'd come in just before closing, which is something I ordinarily hate to do but the server assured me that it was OK.

I ordered the "beef plate", which turned out to be what I know as a hot roast beef sandwich (HRB).  Bread on the bottom, roast beef, bread on top (this can be optional), mashed potatoes, and a drenching of beef gravy.  Everything except the bread definitely seemed homemade, the beef was tender, and the gravy was rich and flavorful.  Even better, it came out of the kitchen properly seasoned so I didn't have to add any salt, although I did add some pepper.  Because I like pepper.

Mrs. SC and #2 Daughter opted for a patty melt and a hamburger from the big flattop in the kitchen.  They gave them a "pretty good" rating although the PM was apparently a little greasy, which I fail to see as a negative.

And then last Monday we were in town getting 2 new tires on the car, and since I didn't feel like cooking we stopped at Sugar & Spice Eatery (the same meal referenced in the CFS thread in the Breakfast forum) for dinner.  Mrs. SC had liked the look of my Jumbo's HRB enough to decide that she was going to have one for dinner, which actually wound up being dinner and then lunch the next day.  The gravy was thicker and darker but still had good flavor without being pasty, and there were plenty of potatoes, bread, and meat.

On the surface a hot roast beef sandwich seems like it shouldn't be difficult to make because it's essentially a recipe for leftovers, but the ingredient list also makes it easy to take shortcuts - years ago I was even served one made with Carl Buddig-style lunchmeat!  Fortunately these 2 examples were at the other end of the spectrum and I wouldn't hesitate to order either again.

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    Re:A couple of HRBs 2012/08/05 16:51:04 (permalink)
    Hey Brad, Anyplace with a sign that says "EAT" has to be good.  And that HRB screamed for a screw the top off the pepper shaker dousing!
    Michael Hoffman
    Double-chop Porterhouse
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    Re:A couple of HRBs 2012/08/05 17:06:13 (permalink)
    For some reason -- and I'm not sure I want to know what that reason might be -- around here they call a hot roast beef or hot meat loaf or hot turkey sandwich a Split. Served as usual, with a scoop of mashed potato and lots of gravy.
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    Re:A couple of HRBs 2012/08/05 19:06:54 (permalink)
    God created Roast Beef Sandwich Plates as a sign of forgiveness for those sinners who spent too much time consuming alcoholic beverages!
    The perfect "After Debauchery" Food!
    ann peeples
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    Re:A couple of HRBs 2012/08/05 20:26:28 (permalink)
    I love both hot roast beef sandwiches as described, and hot turkey as well. Cant seem to find them in Milwaukee anymore......
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    Re:A couple of HRBs 2012/08/05 22:54:38 (permalink)

    Not sure about you Brad, but I know I know its time to put the  fork down and seek professional help when my food starts to smile at me.
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    Re:A couple of HRBs 2012/08/06 01:19:01 (permalink)
    Looks just like the smiley face on the signs leading you to the Henry Maier Festival Grounds in Milwaukee.
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