A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware)

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2013/07/21 17:25:30 (permalink)

A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware)

Was gonna put this in Seafood since the place we ate has a lot of entrees in that category, but since  A) We didn't have much seafood..and B) It's more about the "trip" than just the food, I thought it would be better here.
Today happened to be my wife's B-day. Since we were both getting "cabin fever" from the relentless days of heat and rain, we decided to get in the car and go for a drive (it was just under 90 for the first time in weeks). Since this is the B-day that she could qualify for Soc security, we decided to blow what might be her entire first check and have lunch somewhere (When she finally gets around to drawing that, it will most likely the Arches on a coupon!)

Years and years ago we had stopped at Shaeffers(sp) on the canal with our teenage kids and thought it would make for an interesting destination. Of course, being old and GPS-less, we got on the wrong road south (896) went over that bridge and then took the route south of the canal to Chesapeake City. Since it was still a bit early, we parked in town and decided to wander around a while and hit upon the Bayard House right on the canal across from Schaeffers.

They have 2 sort of operations in the same bldg. a nice diningroom/deck upstairs and The hole in the Wall Bar downstairs with tables outside on a patio....both covered by an awning and totally al fresco. We opted for the awninged area and were glad we did. Nice breeze...and not as crowded as upstairs.

Service was wonderful and food was good if not overwhelmingly spectacular or out of the ordinary (we never expected it would be - here it is the "scene" as much as it is the pushing of gourmet limits) They have a sunday brunch from 11-2 but since all items have eggs (not my fav) and most have crab (neither of us get crazy for crab), we ate from the regular menu.
Nice choice of appetizers, Salads, and Entrees as well as sandwiches.
Even before we got out drink order taken we were served a plate of crackers and breads with a cheese spread that was delightful. Since most ppl had gone 'upstairs" we were worried at first about service, but it was incredibly prompt, fun, and most important correct! Kudos to Julius(?) for putting up with my wife's changing whims ( It was her birthday)...but most importantly, remembering that she likes a glass of ice on the side with her wine. 70 % of waitstaff forget that.

We opted for a chicken salad club for my wife and burger for me. I decided to splurge on some fried oysters beforehand. They also had them in sandwich form and raw.

The Oysters..........OMG! Despite my name, I might be convinced to change it! Perfectly breaded, with just the right hint of brine, they(6, for $13, I think) were served with 2 lemon slices(!) and a delicious aoli mayo dip on the side that for once ENHANCED the taste of the oysters without over powering them. They are worth a trip back just for them!
The Sandwiches came with a choice of regular fries or sweet potato fries. Uncharacteristically for us, we both chose regular fries (usually we'll split), but they were perfectly fried. The Chicken salad club was humongous and a 1/4 to a half could have made a ride back with us if it hadn't been such a hot day to leave it in the car while we meandered around. My wife says it was very good, even tho she left almost a 1/3rd.

The burger was..........ok.........nothing special, a bit overcooked from the medium ordered, but I'm getting used to that

Had Mimosa while watching the boats go up and down the canal and munching on the cheese. We each had 2 glasses of house wine. And the Bill came to $77 before tip. We had not the room left for what I am told are fine desserts, so passed..but after a walk around town we had spied a little IC place a few doors away and went in to get a lovely cone (and enjoy their A/C for a bit). They have 6-8 picnic tables outside, most with umbrellas so you can enjoy the view. It was so hot, that my wife had to go back in and ask for a dish and spoon for her dble dip cone since it was melting so fast in the heat outside.

Definitely worth the trip! Would Schaeffers have been better? Hard to say....been at least a decade since we were there. But there's more "funky things to visit/see" on our side of the canal and an added bonus is the way the building(supposedly the oldest in CBC) and awning protect you from the heat..........Schaeffers has umbrella tables and I think gets more direct sunlight. Just another reason to go back!....and the Bayard House is Definitely worth a return!
Sorry, kids.no pics since we weren't really planning on doing a foodie report, but it was a good time!
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/21 18:44:20 (permalink)
    Glad you had a good time! I love little day trips as you described, with good food to boot. Thanks for sharing.......
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/21 23:43:47 (permalink)
    Nice report FriedClamFanatic!   Janet and I visit Chesapeake City several times every year, as it is part of our summer boating territory.  Lovely little town.  Schaeffer's just reopened last summer after being closed for nearly 10 years.  We've been to Schaeffer's a couple times since it reopened, and thought it was pretty good (we just have appetizers there)..  Janet and I are the wrong ones to ask about full dinners in that area, as neither one of us are fans of mid-Atlantic seafood (crabs, Rockfish, etc.).
    Note:  I noticed you had "(Delaware)"  in parentheses in your subject line.  Chesapeake City is actually in Maryland, just west of the state line.    At the other end (east end) of the Canal is Delaware City, which is in Delaware. 
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/23 00:45:26 (permalink)
    TY for the correction!  I DID know that but it escaped me.the 2 states are so close there, it was more to give a geographical reference than a province reference  (Read:  I screwed up!.thanks!)
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/23 06:11:12 (permalink)
    Thanks for your fantastic report. Your mention of Schaffer's on the C& D brought back wonderful memories for me from years ago as a fuel stop travelling by water every year from Barnegat Bay NJ on the canal to various summertime destinations to Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Annapolis and St. Michaels Maryland to name a few. 
    Schaffers was a wonderful rest stop and I always enjoyed the experience along with their food.
    Thanks for the memories!
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/23 07:20:52 (permalink)
    Thanks for the fine report!  Those oysters sound wonderful.  So glad that your wife had an enjoyable birthday.
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/23 10:52:26 (permalink)
    Whenever I am in the C&D canal area I like to take a ride up to near the Conowingo Dam in MD for some a good pit beef sandwich. The Susquehanna Inn is my spot. Sometimes they have it outside, sometimes you have to get it inside. There's also often some places along the road (Rt. 222/Rt. 1) that sell fresh crabs.
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    Re:A nice Day on the C&D canal (Delaware) 2013/07/23 14:10:45 (permalink)
    OH.the Susquehanna Inn goes on the bucket list!  When we visit relatives in DC, being the cheapo I am, I get off 95 in Aberdeen and take a back road up to route 1 so I miss both the MD and DE tolls! That savings alone qualifies me for one pit beef sandwich!........Thanks!
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