A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!)

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2013/06/26 10:13:54 (permalink)

A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!)

Hello there Roadfood forum members!  My name is Ryan and I am a new business owner that would like to pick your brains.  First off I've been a professional chef for 13 years and have spent my entire life around the food industry.  
I'm finally taking the next step in my career as a chef and opening my own place.  We are building this restaurant from the ground up so I will need to purchase all the kitchen equipment that is going to be used.  I have a good idea of what items I want but here is some question I have for you.  
Buy used or go new?
I know used items are a great deal and you can find lighty used equipment on the cheap but I don't want to spend a fortune keeping them working.  I've seen owners buy equipment that was so cheap it ended up costing them a lot in repairs and maintenance down the road.
Are there some brands that you've had good luck with buying used already?
Is there a go to website that the restaurant community uses for shopping and comparing?  I've found lots of sites but are there any that you can say from experience are better than others?
So thats just my first thoughts...   I look forward to getting to know the members of the forums, getting good advice, and giving advice!  


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    Re:A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!) 2013/06/26 11:38:54 (permalink)
    Congrats on the move up in the food chain!!
    Used is fine if you're handy and can really get things checked out.  Stuff can and will go bad and need replacing (new or used) so buying used is risk-especially if you have to rely on an expensive company to do all the repairs.  New is great as it usually has a warranty and for not much more can be extended...although not much usually happens within the warranty period.
    As for brands Jade has been my favorite so far.  Everyone will be different though...I've had great and bad luck with just about all brands so go with whats easily serviced in your area, who has great representation in your area and who's easiest to find parts.  Wolf is a great (and little cheaper) version of Vulcan, Imperial has some good models, Bakers Pride makes good ovens, etc.  Just try to get appropriate equipment-using a low volume, economy range for high volume business is asking for problems.  
    Ebay is great for looking at used equipment as is Craigslist.  I've had stuff shipped in from all over and found killer deals locally as well.  Don't forget Search Tempest-you can search all the CL ads around out (or the whole country if you like).  Many online companies have ebay storefronts you can find and really get to see a variety of different makes and modes.
    What kind of food are you doing?  What kind of equipment are you thinking about getting?  Have you found a good local company that is going to do your stainless work?  
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    Re:A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!) 2013/06/26 15:41:47 (permalink)
    I think a Flat Grill, Char Broiler, Hood/ vents, and fan are fine used. I like to make sure a Dbl Convection oven is working right and with the right temps, so new would be good. All SS counters are fine used. Refers and freezers s/b new. Fryer s/b new, some people beat the **** out of them, plus there is a bit more going on in the inside.....................Good luck Chef, welcome to Roadfood...................pnwc
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    Re:A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!) 2013/06/27 08:42:47 (permalink)
    here in Kansas City there is a web site, equip-bid.com that deals in new and used equipment. some good deals, some go to high. 
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    Re:A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!) 2013/06/28 07:16:00 (permalink)
    when you think of a brand and maybe a model Google owners manuals for them.I have bought what I thought was modern and find they don't make them anymore 4 yrs later and I can't get a manual.If a manual is available then the brand and model is still around.The manufacturer won't keep selling what the public doesn't want and the public doesn't want crap.You can also Google reviews about models.
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    Re:A question for the more "seasoned" professional... (pun intended!) 2013/06/28 16:10:09 (permalink)
    Use ebay and local classifieds to find used equipment, and then find reviews online. You can often find buying guides for each particular item type that can help narrow it down to particular brands and models. Also keep an eye out for bankruptcy sales as you can often find items being sold in situe pretty cheap.
    Good luck with your business.
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