A really good slice of pie...

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2008/02/29 19:49:46 (permalink)

A really good slice of pie...

I was having lunch at the Westway Diner the other day on 9th Avenue between 43rd and 44th Streets in Manhattan. I'd walked by there many times on my way to auditions, but had never tried it. I ended up ordering a turkey club sandwich with fries. It was okay, but typical average NYC diner fare. There are a few good diners in NYC, but too many average ones that aren't anything special. However, the dessert case looked really good and I ordered a slice of chocolate cream pie for dessert and was totally wowed by it.

A good inch and a half of cream on top, chocolate filling that tasted like chocolate and a nice flaky crust. I asked the waiter and he said he believed that the pies were all made in house. In NYC, I don't know how much that statement is worth as most staff don't get very chatty or concern themselves with that kind of rapport, but it really was a damn fine slice of pie.

Buffetbuster, see what your reports have done to me? Now I'm on the prowl for pie when I'm out!! Thanks!! hehe

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    RE: A really good slice of pie... 2008/03/01 11:59:28 (permalink)
    I agree that most NY diners are eminently boring, with all the ethnic fare we have here, why bother? Diners are usually the very last choice for me, and if a friend insists, I am grumpy and gloomy.

    But, what about those huge cake/pie "exhibits", those revolving dessert displays? Is that where you saw your pie?

    Some in-house baked are really worth it. For example, I go often to the "gourmet" takeout (forget the name) on 5th Ave bet. 19 & 20, and have noticed that the food is above average. Yesterday I read in their catering brochure that their breads are homemade, that in fact the originalk owner was a bread maker. They do have other pastries, so maybe I'll check out the pie.
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    RE: A really good slice of pie... 2008/03/03 22:43:46 (permalink)
    I certainly appreciate the shout out. I'm not sure if I have been a good influence or a bad influence. When I first saw the title of this thread, I actually thought is was going to be about pizza!
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    RE: A really good slice of pie... 2008/03/03 23:31:34 (permalink)
    Originally posted by NYNM

    But, what about those huge cake/pie "exhibits", those revolving dessert displays? Is that where you saw your pie?

    One of the most amazing things about the years I lived in NYC were those exact diner desert cases, featuring mile high pie and mega layered cakes. It was as if all of the bakery products were super sized. Inch after inch of layered cakes with icing that had no end. These sweets were picture perfect, like out of a magazine.

    But that is were it all ended. the vast majority of these decadant diner deserts tasted like they were regular items over-inflated with air. What a disappointment. How could things that looked so good, and so big, be SO BLAND? All that work to Make them SO BIG and SO BEAUTIFUL...to end up SO BORING, SO BAD.

    Nice to hear that there are actually some that taste good. I finally just stopped having desert, it was too disappointing
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