A true lobster lover

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2004/11/09 01:19:57 (permalink)

A true lobster lover

Vt. Man Devours 19 Lobsters in 35 Minutes

Nov 8, 10:08 PM (ET)
KITTERY, Maine (AP) - A Vermont man took home the top prize in a lobster-eating contest by devouring 19 of the crustaceans in 35 minutes.
Barry "Tink" Giddings of Chester, Vt., won the Weathervane Seafood Restaurant's third annual lobster-eating competition. As the newly crowned Lobster Maniac of the year, Giddings, 50, won a trip aboard a working lobster boat out of Kittery and up to 100 pounds of the day's catch. He said the only previous speed-eating experience he had was when he won a watermelon-eating contest when he was 8. "When it comes to eating lobsters, I knew I was a winner," Giddings said Saturday as he loosened his belt after the contest.
Thirteen contestants participated in this year's contest after qualifying at preliminary lobster-eating events. Giddings qualified at the Weathervane restaurant in Rutland, Vt. The rules required that the tail, both claws and knuckle meat of every lobster be eaten to be included in the total count. As the competition got under way, the participants shucked their shells, ate the meat and washed down the lobster with beer, soda and other beverages. "That's my husband," Giddings' wife, Linda, cried out when the announcer proclaimed Giddings as the leader with only minutes to go.
Carolyn Cope, 22, of Westford, Mass., was the only woman in the event. A recent University of New Hampshire graduate, she ate 15 lobsters to come in third. "I don't know what possessed me to do this," said Cope, who said that she had eaten lobster only once previously when she qualified for the finals. Cope vowed to return next year. "But I don't think I'll be eating much lobster before then," she said.

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    RE: A true lobster lover 2004/11/09 02:09:00 (permalink)
    I'd like to see him choke down 19 of the lobsters that were part of our "surf & turf" at a recent wedding. These things were so nasty that the bulk of the wedding guests spent the reception out on the porch of the hotel where the air was less "thick". Made me long for the "loobster" at the Hungry Heifer.
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    RE: A true lobster lover 2004/11/10 15:51:02 (permalink)
    eating 19 lobsters in 35 mins is not a sign of loving lobsters!!!!! I also dont beleive that the skinny lady that blows away all the competitive eating guys,"LOVES" hot dogs! John Fox LOVES hot dogs! Michael Hoffman LOVES lobsters! These folks Love pigging out! I swear, if you held a dog food eating contest,some idiot would eat outrageous amounts and grin like a fool the whole time he was being interviewed!

    What a waste of wonderful crustaceans!
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    RE: A true lobster lover 2004/11/10 16:08:17 (permalink)
    That is unbelievable! I consider myself a heck of a trencherman and the most Chick lobsters I have ever eaten at one sitting is 9. And I swore I would never do that again.
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    RE: A true lobster lover 2004/11/10 16:38:29 (permalink)
    19 lobsters? I'd rather eat one large or two small lobsters over a period of time, savor the taste, and enjoy the meal. These "pigs" deserve the heart attacks that sudden shock of cholesterol is going to give them. Ooh, that sounds nastier than I intended.
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    RE: A true lobster lover 2004/11/11 09:26:15 (permalink)
    only the tails, claws and knuckes! The waste of the legs and chamber meat saddened me. Not to mention any roe that might be there.

    Agreed, this contest is sick.
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    RE: A true lobster lover 2004/12/24 08:42:34 (permalink)
    My first thought was that this would be my idea of heaven but on second thought I realized that you wouldn't even taste this succulent food much less enjoy it. Kind of reminds me of the time we went to Nordic Lodge in R.I. (years ago when it was ONLY about $39/person) and watched a guy eat about a dozen lobsters - only eating the tails and throwing away the rest. What a waste! Sure can't wait until my broken hand is healed and the cast is off so I can eat and enjoy just one lobster!
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    RE: A true lobster lover 2005/01/05 16:37:13 (permalink)
    all eating contests are juvenile and possibly dangerous to the gluttons health. why anyone does these things is beyond me and the folks who enjoy watching these displays are in need of some serious help as well......on this website(of which I am very fond)when discussing restaurants,we are always interested in portion size,this is a completely different thing and a integeral part of assessing any eating establishment,especially if you are laying out big bucks for said meal.
    To lionize these events are not what we do and for that,I am grateful.

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    RE: A true lobster lover 2005/01/05 16:54:19 (permalink)
    OK. I agree that they're dreadful and gluttonous and somehow anti-good-food....

    but...but....lookie here....

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