About those supermarket deli/bakery donuts

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RE: About those supermarket deli/bakery donuts 2004/02/20 13:38:08 (permalink)
Originally posted by stevekoe

I sometimes think that I am the last one on earth to buy into this Krispy Kreme thing. It could be that I grew up in the northeast, and am a bona-fide Dunkin' Donuts guy. It seems to me that they have significantly more variety at DD, the coffee is better, and, frankly, even KK's signature glazed taste better from DD. It seems like almost all grocery stores now here sell KKs, yet I have never seen DDs sold anywhere but in one of their stores -- except for a brief time when I recall them sold at 7-11s.

Does anyone else prefer DD to KK? And -- is there a way to get Publix to start carrying them?

Hmmm! That'a a tough one. I love KK's signature donut but nothing else of their's. I vastly prefer cake donuts and in that department, for my calories, DD has KK beat by a long-shot. My favorite is the Sour Cream donut which I can't usually find in any DD outside of Southeastern PA.
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RE: About those supermarket deli/bakery donuts 2004/05/14 13:40:34 (permalink)
Krispy Kreme reigns so dominant here in North Carolina that the deli bakerys in our grocery stores now sell Krispy Kremes in their bakeries. They have a special section built into the grocery stores with racks just for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Even some of the convenience stores have Krispy Kreme racks.
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RE: About those supermarket deli/bakery donuts 2004/05/14 14:43:19 (permalink)
I'm a DD's fan myself-Does anyone from Knoxville know if there was a DD's on Broadway in the 70's? I seem to remember stopping there with my family after church. Also, what happened to the store on Kingston Pike? It's now a Dippen' Dots or something like that?! What are the doughnuts like there? Have a great day!
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RE: About those supermarket deli/bakery donuts 2004/05/14 17:42:34 (permalink)
Originally posted by JimInKy

The Lexington, Ky. donut situation (price from cost per dozen):

Spalding’s: 40 cents each. Superior donuts, worth twice the price.

Krispy Kreme. 42 cents each. Not yet open here, but donuts at the Florence, Ky. KK shop were excellent when hot or warm, and pretty good when cooled. We’ve never bought nor eaten any of the donuts shipped from Louisville for gas station sales. These 24 hour stations charge 50 cents for a donut fried the previous afternoon.

Wal Mart Superstore deli: 21 cents each. Pretty tasty when fresh. And a good value.

Magee’s: 55 cents each. The icing won’t stick half the time and it’s not loose in the bottom of the bag, so they often lack sweetness. I find them heavy, dense and doughy tasting. I bought some last week, only for comparison purposes.

Kroger area delis: 38 cents each. Just not acceptable!

* * * * *

Thank You! I will be moving to Lexington soon and this is all very important info!
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