Advice needed from you Pros

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2006/04/08 01:31:02 (permalink)

Advice needed from you Pros

Hiya Folks,
My name is James. My business partner and I are looking into getting into the concession trailer business and we would appreciate any advice/information you could give us.

I've never been involved in the food industry. My partner has, but never at the ownership level.

Since neither of us have ever been involved in the concession trailer business, we obviously have lots of questions. If you guys can help us, we'd certainly appreciate it. And if you think of something we may be overlooking, please feel free to point it out to us.

We plan on offering a variety of food items such as burgers, dogs, fries, corn dogs, nachos, etc... We also would like to offer fudge and confections as a specialty item (We currently make and sell candy at 3 distribution points and it does very well). What are your thoughts on selling confections (along with the standard variety of foods) out of a concession trailer?

What should we look for (or look out for) when shopping for a concession trailer? Is there anything in particular we should avoid?

Who are the best distributors to buy from?

Would you rather work a 1, 2, 3 or 4 day event? Which is more profitable?

We have one event that we are considering. There are only 1500 attendees, but we would be the ONLY vendor. Understanding that some of these folks will bring their own food, would attending this event be profitable or a waste of time?

What kind of annual income (on average in Oklahoma) can one expect to make?

We're just now starting our research on this kind of business, so your input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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    RE: Advice needed from you Pros 2006/04/09 09:54:56 (permalink)
    Make sure the trailer is 8ft wide, my 2nd one is. you will learn by making the wrong descisions, Lord knows I have. My first trailer was 6x10. Iadded 2ft to frontend (think 5th wheel) next I added 3 ft to rear, but!, I could not pass my petite co-worker. It is sitting down on a farm, getting ready to sell, I am outfitting it with a sm elect grill, A steam table, a bain marie sand. maker and vent hood and one sink. Then I am putting it up for sale. PS my pt petite worker stole from me, she's gone, gone, gone.
    PSS I am going to write a book on my adventures of misteaks I have made and publish them for $$$ on the web. Remember, My personal experience is they want a hamburger & fries, and a soda. My personal best selling combination.
    My current unit is 8 ft inside x 20 ft long. and If i had to do it all over again I would have put my serving windows in rear. By this I would have opened rear doors and put aluminum pipes to hold them open and a tarp over them, work in any weather. where the rear doors were I would put in 2 serving windows. when I am closed I am closed. Cowboy Bob in PA
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    RE: Advice needed from you Pros 2006/04/09 11:30:02 (permalink)
    the very first thing you need to do is set your menu as the menu will dictate the following things:
    equipment required
    equipment required will dictate
    size of the rig and
    electrical requirements of the rig
    electrical requirements will dictate the generator capacity that you will need (not all venues provide power or even worse have erractic power which will fry your equipment)
    the size of the rig will dictate the size of tow vehicle.
    with that info you can look for manufacturers. some manufacturers like offer both off the shelf and custom models.
    hope it helps
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    RE: Advice needed from you Pros 2006/04/09 18:22:59 (permalink)

    Thanks, your input is appreciated.

    I looked at a couple trailers this weekend, but wasn't very impressed with them. But, it did enlighten me quite a bit. It appears that we're going to have to shorten our menu, which is OK considering the small amount of work space available.

    I absolutely agree with the 8' wide trailer. One of the trailers I looked at was 6' wide and it was definately too cramped.

    I also learned that there's alot more to learn about this business than I first thought. It takes a special kind of person to own a concession trailer. Not everyone can do it.


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