Amazing Hot Dog to close

John Fox
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2009/03/13 19:18:25 (permalink)

Amazing Hot Dog to close

Tomorrow, Saturday March 14th will be the last day for Amazing Hot Dog in Bound Brook. I had heard through the grapevine that they would be closing soon. I stopped in today and found out that they will be closed for good after tomorrow.

Word had gotten out locally as the place was very busy, which is unusual for late afternoon after the lunch rush, as well it being a  Friday during Lent when observant Catholics don't eat meat. I got a chance to speak to Matt who confirmed that tomorrow will be the last day.

I am saddened that yet another great hot dog restaurant will be leaving us. In the last couple of years we have lost Syd's, all 3 Callahan's locations, Irvington's Jimmy Buff's, Eagan's, my favorite Connecticut place, Rosco's Big Dog, and now Amazing Hot Dog. I'm happy that I was able to enjoy one last delicious dog today. Although I'm not big on condiments, Amazing had the best homemade toppings in the business. One of the 5 best chilis I've had and one of the very best, if not the best french fries. Not to mention the best deep fried dog. The quarter pounder was consistently hot, fresh, and juicy. I had my final dog with some spicy brown mustard and a birch beer. It was voted best deep fried dog by the Munchmobile Team (of which I was a member and voted it #1) and best hot dog in N.J. by New Jersey Monthly magazine the last 2 years.

Matt and Eric put a lot of time, energy, and love into Amazing Hot Dog. It will be missed. Matt had a chance to say that now he will have a lot of free time to join us on some of our hot dog tastings. I wish him well.

I suggest you head up to Amazing Hot Dog tommorow for a last dog or 2. And those fries. But go early. They may close early if they run out of hot dogs.

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    Re:Amazing Hot Dog to close 2009/03/13 22:07:21 (permalink)
    Jeez, that's too bad. I'd head out there except tomorrow I'm heading in the opposite direction, to Brooklyn.

    Any word on why they are closing? If it wasn't economy in general, my only guess is that I always felt they were a little upscale in concept (not to mention high priced) for that area, which is basically blue collar Texas Wiener territory.
    Thanks for letting us know.
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    Re:Amazing Hot Dog to close 2009/03/13 22:08:34 (permalink)

    Did Matt give you any insight into why?  They were always busy when I was in there.  They were unique and will be sorely missed.
    John Fox
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    Re:Amazing Hot Dog to close 2009/03/14 09:42:51 (permalink)
    Matt was very busy and we didn't get a chance to talk for long. He will have some free time and hopes to join us on some future hot dog outings. Perhaps he'll get into why he closed. I'll be keeping in touch with him.
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    Re:Amazing Hot Dog to close 2009/03/14 15:41:36 (permalink)
    Hello John ,

    Thanks for the info on Amazing Hot Dogs closing . They were very friendly and everyone had a great time on our Jersey Dog Tour a few years ago . The group picture is indeed in front of Amazings old Verona location .

    I'm sure the economy did not help

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    Re:Amazing Hot Dog to close 2009/03/14 18:55:39 (permalink)
    Farewell Amazing Hot Dog.

       They got it right. It was the best new addition to the Jersey hot dog scene in years...and that's quite an accomplishment.  Too bad it didn't work out.

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    Re:Amazing Hot Dog to close 2009/06/23 11:52:54 (permalink)
    well, i spent afew day's at Amazing, eating my share of Matt's dogs, we, went thru the menu from top to bottom, and side to side.  i like dogs with toppings, and topping's were part of Amazing's niche. BUT, i do like a dog with mustard and a hit of relish, or some raw onion or  just a hit of a very small hit of  ketchup, yeah ketchup!!!
    wife and i, are kicking around opening a cart(DONE THAT BEFORE). i was talking with MATT on all my visits to AMAZING, the biggest problem was his rent, when, i was told this. my mind went crazy............ i was going to approach Matt , about jumping in to help out, BUT that rent scared the CRAP out of me. so, i kept my thought's to myself, to offer my labor and my help. 
    i never really got into WHY the partnership broke up, but, i can tell you, if Matt wanted to give the dog business another try, i would listen.................... everything works and everything can be tweaked to make it all that  much BETTER !!!!!!!!!
    yeah, i'm afew month's behind this post.......L.O.L.
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