Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer

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2012/01/20 17:45:30 (permalink)

Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer

Okay DocBBQ and ChefBuba - I have searched the forums to no avail!!
What is the best way to keep a 1200 lb range from exiting the vehicle through the opposite wall?! 
There was a thread posted once that raised the question of anchoring equipment. Bolting to the floor was the vague reply, but details?
I've seen various methods of putting up walls, but how is the equipment actually anchored?
I seem to recall someone posting a pic of a tie-down strap across a fridge door or something, but what are the straps anchored to?
Thanks for the help!

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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/20 18:18:45 (permalink)
    This is how we strapped down the 12 cf freezer and the two under counter refrigerators in the bus... but same principle...


    Four eyebolts go thru the floor of the bus a racheting cargo strap goes over the top front & back and is snugged down.  There are big fender washers on the underside of the floor and a dot of EU600 (silicone) glue/adhesive was dotted on the threads. This keeps the nut from vibrating loose (or you can use a nylon insert nut).  We first threaded a nut onto the eyebolt, put it thru the floor, put the fender washer then the last nut on and tightened the crap out of it. The microwave has a eyebolt on each side of it (thru the plywood shelf it sits on) and a chain with turnbuckles on it holds it in place. the racheting cargo strap/eyebolt works well for us. We will use the same set up to tie down a standard household washer and LP dryer when we get them.
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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/20 19:45:51 (permalink)
    I use  uni-strut at the base and bolt it to the ground, it allows me to keep the uni-strut in place and I can pick it up and take it out easy as pie to clean and what not. keeps everything tight and what not
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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/20 20:04:58 (permalink)
    I need to see a picture of the uni strut in place I don't understand how that works.
    But I also have to say your pulling a trailer or driving a food truck and which ever they are not race cars. It's not like your going thru hair pin curves at high speeds. And yes I have dumped a 1 gallon pump full of BBQ sauce off of my counter on to the floor in transit. But that was because someone (me) was not paying attention to their driving going way to fast through a detour zone with several different levels of pavement and switchbacks. I leave a ton of stuff on my counter during trips. But I do tie down my reach in with these.

    But I only use the part on the right. And I have SS walls so I drill four holes and use SS screws and then use a motorcycle tie down. It takes about 3 seconds to tie something down when your done. When I first built my trailer I used both parts one on the wall and one on the equipment, and stuck a pin through where a lock goes. But then I realized all that is not necessary in most cases.
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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/20 21:08:21 (permalink)
    For my big 5' wide range, I welded four 6" tall stands together to replace the legs.  They look like dice with the two vertical faces under the stove missing.  The stands are bolted to the bottom of the stove and bolted through the floor with grade 8 bolts.  
    For something like a stainless table with 1 1/2" legs, you could take off the leveler feet and weld a nut inside the leg, then come up through the floor with a bolt to fit that nut.
    I also use ratchet straps and eyebolts for my two fridges and some things are held with bungees.  Eventually, everything will have its perfect place and I'll secure more permanently.  That will save a lot of time in setup and takedown.
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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/21 13:14:53 (permalink)
    all my equipment is held in place with stainless plates screwed to the appliance and then screwed to the floor,the fryer has 1x1 steel tubing that the fryer bolts to then its screwed to the floor on the frt. ...on the rear i was lucky that my wheel well was the right hight so i just sat the rear of the fryer on that and "L" brackets , i have never lost one yet and have done some very creative movements on the highway, also makes it handy when i pull everything out to deep keep the fridge doors closed we just run a bungie cord from the handle to.....................honestly ,anything it will hitch to
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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/23 09:16:09 (permalink)
    I don't like bolting things to the floor because your equipment needs to be movable to clean under and around so I got my tie downs at Tractor Supply and use ratchet straps when moving the trailer.

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    Re:Anchoring equipment in truck or trailer 2012/01/23 11:26:10 (permalink)
    Excellent post your right on target. Those are what I use and your point about cleaning around and under equipment is so very important. I only did a quick search when I posted the previous picture in this thread and could not for the life of me remember where I found my Ring Anchors. Good post.

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