Anyone marinade hot dogs?

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2004/07/15 22:52:02 (permalink)

Anyone marinade hot dogs?

Hey guys. Does anybody have any recipes/techniques/links for marinading hot dogs? I'm basically trying to kick up the flavor before or during cooking. Maybe both. I’d like to try it for a corn dog recipe. So far I’ve been pre-cooking them but they just need a little more flavor. I’ve been experimenting with Oscar Meyer Beef hot dogs. Can anyone help me? Thanks.


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    Lucky Bishop
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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/15 23:28:17 (permalink)
    I dunno, good hot dogs are so highly seasoned that I don't see the point. Can't you just buy more flavorful dogs to begin with, like Sabretts? Oscar Mayer Beef are fine general-purpose hot dogs, but no matter what you do, they'll never be particularly savory.
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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/16 02:41:58 (permalink)
    I never thought of marinading hot dogs before. I agree with Lucky Bishop, maybe a more flavorful hot dog is in order. Sabretts are very good and try Boar's Head frankfurters if you can get them near you. Also, why don't you try different condiments and toppings? And as always...dress the dog, not the bun.
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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/16 06:25:24 (permalink)
    I've never tried this before, but how bout tossing them in a lower temp smoker for a half hour or so?
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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/16 10:04:41 (permalink)
    I make a "hot" hot dog, by cooking several different varieties of fresh hot peppers and dried peppers, onions, vinegar and water in a slow cooker for 11 hours and then adding the ALL BEEF hot dogs for one hour. We usually eat these in bite size pieces as a snack though. If you wanted to try a spicey sausage try Emeril's Kicked Up Sausage.
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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/16 17:20:24 (permalink)
    My brother in law took a big (32 oz or so) plastic cup, filled it with skinless hot dogs, a few cloves of garlic and poured in beer until it covered them. He left it for an hour or so and then grilled them. They thickened, split and tasted very light and fluffy. I suppose you could try another marinade, wine or some other liquid as well. They were different and the taste was OK. I still prefer 'em grilled in butter.

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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/16 19:36:46 (permalink)
    My mom used to marinate hot dogs by putting them in teriyaki sauce; good for picnics as they actually taste better cold. I think it is fairly common in Hawaii where they marinate everything.
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    RE: Anyone marinade hot dogs? 2004/07/17 01:23:17 (permalink)
    Hey Rick,

    I guess I'm just tired, or maybe a little snockered, but I almost spit a mouthful of orange vodka on my keyboard when I read your description of the marinated hot dogs being 'light and fluffy.' Never heard those words attributed to meat before.
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