Apple Cider

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RE: Apple Cider 2008/09/14 01:01:05 (permalink)
Originally posted by iqdiva

Bushie , I'll bet that was a great mojito !

You betcha, Sweetie.
ann peeples
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RE: Apple Cider 2008/09/14 03:43:24 (permalink)
Now I MUST visit you, iqdiva-oysters AND fresh sugar cane!!!
Thanks, Al for the recipes...
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RE: Apple Cider 2008/09/14 11:54:46 (permalink)
Originally posted by Russ Jackson

Have you tried Dickens Cider?...Russ

Never had the pleasure, I've never seen it.
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RE: Apple Cider 2008/09/14 12:34:24 (permalink)
Originally posted by chewingthefat

Originally posted by Russ Jackson

Have you tried Dickens Cider?...Russ

Never had the pleasure, I've never seen it. (1.3MB)
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RE: Apple Cider 2008/09/14 13:42:31 (permalink)
Bushie was in Knoxville a few years ago and we made a stop at the Apple Barn where they make fresh unpasterized apple cider. It has to be refrigerated. We took it on down the road until we got back to Knoxville and Bushie introduced me to apple cider with Canadian whiskey. I had never had Canadian whiskey mixed but I have to admit that it was super duper.

Leave it to Bushie to be unusual.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Apple Cider 2009/06/09 02:34:36 (permalink)
I must have done something right, accidentally. A friend picked me up a jug of unpasturized cider out at the orchard in Cosby, TN last weekend. She kept it in her fridge, I brought it home Wednesday, had some and left the jug out all night in a room that fluctuates from 65 to 70 degrees most days. Refridgerated it the next day... when I opened it the next morning it was FIZZY! And SO good. It continued to carbonate (and inflate the jug) in the fridge and the last glass of it tonight definately had a tinge of alcohol's kick in it. (Not strong, maybe like beer). But MAN it was good. I think I might enjoy hard cider:)
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RE: Apple Cider 2009/07/02 11:18:23 (permalink)
Mmm... cider. We have a little place here in Northeast PA called Heller's orchard. It's unpasturized (and if it's pasturized, its not real cider), and fantastic. They store the apples in a barn and make cider almost year round (they are still pressing fresh stuff this week actually). Little old Mrs. Heller works in the small store they have, but if she isn't in, you just leave your money in the basket by the register or pay the next time you stop by. Don't know of any other places that still do that!!

And to the posters above, the stuff is great both with whiskey, or naturally fermented in the fridge.
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Re:Apple Cider 2009/07/02 11:49:59 (permalink)

Fall is a long way off here in northern ca, but when I think of cider ,I think of the old Nettie Ochs Cider Mill in Livingston NJ...such a great place, we used to wait for the first pressing every year...eventually, they sold their orchards, now I believe there are condos there,,,progress- yeah right!! 
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Re:Apple Cider 2009/07/02 13:21:11 (permalink)
Mayor, when I was still living in the barracks at Norton back in 71 or so we use to have to get away.  That was back in the old hippy days of catching a buzz and going on a cruise.  We would head out souh west otwards Apple Valley.  There were some spots we always hit.  One was a sort of Peacock Farm off the county rd.  just down the road from an old 50's "fun cenet"  They had the trampolines thet were pits dig in the ground with a criss-sross mat on top along with the staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate of the art pong and death rad machines.  For us hard cores the foosball/air hockey sction!
All thru that area was apple orchards.  Being a colorado bo i was suprised not thinking of the lower desert as apple o****ry.  To meSC would be citrus country.  Come the season the little Mom nad Po apple presses were in full tilt.  Along wth ard and soft cider, apple juice and butters they had a deal to pick and squeeze your own and one place put a personalized lable on it for your.  We went the other day with some older married friends once to the fruit wine country.  I rememer bringing back sevral cases of great mixed fruit wines for about 70 cents a bottle.
Al, did i miss a bit on the apples out there?  It sure brought back a memory wehn i saw this post!
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Re:Apple Cider 2009/07/05 15:33:45 (permalink)
Stucky Farm near Westfield has wonderful cider.  Stucky's has  an apple orchard, fresh vegetables & fruits in season-both u-pick & available in their farm market.   When my children were younger I would go every 2-3 weeks to pick whatever was in season.  One of Stuckey's specialities in the farm market is apple cider slush.  Nothing tastes better after being in the fields  on a hot summer afternoon than a cider slushie. 
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RE: Apple Cider 2009/07/20 15:15:30 (permalink)
When I go home to Alabama in the fall, I stop by Isom's Orchard on U.S. 72 in Athens, a dozen miles or so from the Tennessee line, and just a mile or 2 from I 65. It's a family-run business, and  they press their own cider. It's delicious. During cider season Isom's offers cider slushies. This is the tastiest, most refreshing drink I think I've ever had. If you are in the area do stop by.
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