Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature

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2004/10/18 13:44:51 (permalink)

Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature

We have had many comments during the past year or so about Arthur Bryants place losing some of its luster among the many BBQ places in Kansas City. Todays feature review is a couple of years old and needs to be updated. I always have enjoyed our visits to Bryants more as a historical pilgrimage than a typical roadstop...However we made two visits there this Summer and were sadly disappointed both times. The meat was dry and tasteless. Even the ribs were not what we had enjoyed over the years. I went back in the archieves of old threads here on the site and found several folks had posted similiar review comments in other threads about Kansas City.
Perhaps it is time for a new review of the old Master's establishment. There are three stores now, not just the one on Brooklyn. maybe that has something to do with the Quality Control.

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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 14:31:25 (permalink)
    I haven't been back to KC for a few years now, but even when I still lived there, after Arthur died, we tended to gravitate towards other places. Yes, it's an institution, but there are 100+ Q joints within 50 miles of KC, many run by folks who grew up on Bryant's Q.( My mom still calls it Charlie Bryant's after all these years). I know Jane and Michael are busy folks, but I'm wondering if they have a schedule to review places they've been to check out their continuing tastyness. So many Q places there deserve a shot at fame and fortune, and if folks only sample the current state of AB's, they would get the wrong idea and never sample the state of KC Q 2004.
    I don't have a solution, just Musings, but Jane & Michael, if you ever want to sample Southern Oregon, I'm willing to show you around a locale where people love to eat. Maybe they are the ones to write a book on food regions of North America, sort of a 9 nations of food. I always appreciated the fact that they understood that Kansas should be grouped with the SW states becase of cuisine, not with it's midwestern neighbors. That's when I first became a roadfood convert, way back when. These guys post monthly reviews of KC Q.

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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 16:12:34 (permalink)
    I gave up on Arthur Bryant's after 3 less than satisfying visits in the past 2 years. Fiorella's Jack Stack is too clean and "fancy" for an authentic BBQ joint, but I think that they serve the best in Kansas City now.
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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 16:16:44 (permalink)
    Points well taken. We are SO overdue to eat around KC, and we just wasted -- well, not really -- the last week eating London food, such as this lovely plate of meat pies and mash (hold the jellied eels, please).

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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 16:30:36 (permalink)
    Do you have a map and pins with flags to denote where you've been and where you're going, Michael?
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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 16:40:00 (permalink)
    I know that it has still been over a year ago since I ate at AB's, but at the time, I walked out thinking it was the best BBQ I had ever eaten -- and I am not usually one to succomb to other people's recommendations telling me so.

    I was, however, contemplating on my drive back to Austin from Lockhart (see concurrent thread), that the brisket I had today at Kreutz's was comparable, if not superior to AB's. I did like the fresh cut fries at AB's -- and the way the guy serves them -- grabs a plate, and slaps on a handful of fries. Also, when you order a "pound" of brisket at AB's, the carver just keeps cutting until it looks like a pound -- ours looked more like THREE. At Kreutz, they weigh your purchase on a scale. Though I had never been when he was alive, I could not imagine Arthur weighing anything.

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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 18:07:44 (permalink)
    In talking to my friends, it's that the uniqueness is not quite what it was, and more importantly, other places are doing it with more passion. It's a philosophical question of catching a place at a moment in time. It's different for everyone.
    Now it is much more celebrated,
    but It used to just be the place you'd stop on the way to or from the baseball stadium; a place your parents and grandparents had eaten and so you did too. There are Q joints on almost every corner in KC, so to journey to the shrine means it should be something special.
    How long before a place eans "roadfood "status, and how long after it's discovered does it remain "roadfood"?
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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2004/10/18 22:19:44 (permalink)
    Having grown up on AB's "to go", I can attest that it isn't what it once was. Even the sauce is different. Funky, is how some now describe it. There just seems to be a weird cult following. There are numerous places here in KC that seem to have a higher quality of standards, but still maintain a "roadfood" criteria. LC's, of course,on 350 Highway, or Blue Parkway as it's known, is one of the best. Woodyard (thanks to Bill Voss for the info) is 2 minutes off I -35 and is very good indeed. And RJ's Bob E Que is good and gettng better all the time. It also is a few short minutes off I - 35 at the Lamar exit. Lamar and Johnson Drive. And Gates is still pretty good for the ambience and service. The location at Linwood and Main, 5 minutes off I - 35 (again!) is always consistent. Unfortunately, Arthur Bryant's is not so consistent and hasn't maintained those standards of the past.
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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2005/02/18 16:05:01 (permalink)
    Last night I stood in line at Arthur Bryant's, there was guy behind me and together we'd been eating AB's for 100 years. The first meat I ever gnawed off of a bone was AB's.

    I agree with many that AB's had (HAD) gone downhill. For years I'd been using the new sauce or taking out and even using Gates. As recent as a year ago I went with a friend and we found the meat too fatty, too greasy and the original sauce just strangely not as good as it should be.

    I went about a month ago and it was the best I ever had. The meat was so sweet I wanted to eat it dry but their sauce is better than ever. I have been three times since. I don't know how long this will last but in the last month Bryants has been the best it ever was.

    For those who are really KC BBQ fans, it's as good as the old Harris BBQ that was about 25th and Brooklyn and closed in the mid-80's.

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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2005/02/19 19:42:54 (permalink)
    I had Arthur Bryant's once (sandwich, fries, Coke), so I can't really say one way or another on the quality. But Arthur Bryant's serves Coke and that's good.

    Though some searching, I found another review of a place i've went to called Fast Eddie's. I wasn't too impressed with either the BBQ or the burnt ends sandwich. But I liked the fries (which were a dollar)
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    RE: Arthur Bryant's, Today's Feature 2005/02/24 18:32:59 (permalink)
    I'll add my two thumbs down for Bryant's. Worst BBQ I ever had. Only place I ever saw that cut the ribs through the bone.
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