Atkins Diet and other tortures

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2003/10/26 22:57:44 (permalink)

Atkins Diet and other tortures

Just read on a thread that Jane S tern is doing the Atkins. Timely(before the holidays) and healthy too. I have done two Atkins stints.The first was very successful--lost 25 lbs. Kept most off although 2 years later did another stint to lose 7-10 I had regained. I tried the South Beach which is easier and good for those of us who can tire of meat. I really had sugar withdrawl and serious need for bread and bread products. Very dificult for someone raised in the south.The problem with both of these "diets" is the regimented,boring day by dragging day knowing exactly what you must/can eat. Trying to be a little more spontaneous and inventive and easier about the whole business of feeding myself and family these days. I give myself permission now and then to truly pig out when an opportunity arises.But still having a healthy outlook for lifetime eating. Anyone else doing the diet thing?

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    RE: Atkins Diet and other tortures 2003/10/27 01:09:29 (permalink)
    This will catch you up...

    My trigycerides went through the roof, so I'm back to traditional "healthy" food.
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    RE: Atkins Diet and other tortures 2003/10/27 04:39:49 (permalink)
    Atkins update for Jane: Since we were in NYC yesterday for the Gourmet Institute, we made a long-overdue trip to Katz's deli, which happens to be one of the great places to eat on the Atkins diet. While Jane was unable to enjoy French fries, latkes, or an egg cream, she did feast on heaps of corned beef and chopped liver. And I was able to tell her -- honestly -- that the rye bread isn't as good as I remember it being. (No crunch to the crust, no vivid sourdough flavor.) Still, I think it remains one of the essential New York eating experiences.
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