Avocado...on everything!

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Re:Avocado...on everything! 2009/03/24 23:01:24 (permalink)
Being a native So Californian and because I have lived all of my 58 years here in the City of Roses, I have been eating avocados all my life, Hass and fuerte types of avocado which are fabulous for guacamole and on the side. My parents home-now my sister's home has a avocado tree in the backyard that produces small avocados. In 1974 as part of my honeymoon we went to her homeland of Jamaica to vist her extended family, it was there that I learned about Caribbean avocados, terrible for guacamole as they are too watery but fantastic for salads and eating them in slices with just some vinegar and pepper added, I like both styles. Here in SoCal we get Caribbean avocados at a Cuban owned supermarket chain, Liborio's as well as various small indy Cuban markets called bodegas. My wife prefers the Caribbean style but will also indulge in the Cal or Mex varities while I like both equally as well
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Re:Avocado...on everything! 2009/03/24 23:17:25 (permalink)
An avocado milkshake and shrimp rice paper rolls at the Vietnamese place - the perfect dish on a warm day!
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Re:Avocado...on everything! 2009/03/24 23:30:01 (permalink)
Love them in all ways, favorite is on salad greens, with bacon,fresh cilantro,and a good salsa as "dressing"
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Re:Avocado...on everything! 2009/03/29 20:54:25 (permalink)
Some great ideas here. I love avocados in burgers, blts, turkey sandwiches, spring rolls, and more. Guacamole is great, too, and sometimes I eat too much of it. One of my favorite burger recipes is a turkey or beef burger with avocado or guacamole, melted provolone or pepper jack, chunky salsa, and a swipe of sriracha mixed with mayo.

I love avocado shakes such as those found in South America, and I'm also a big fan of lots of avocado in ceviche. 
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Re:Avocado...on everything! 2009/05/02 07:47:16 (permalink)
I like to take avocados with milk and make it as milkshake, delicious.
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Re:Avocado...on everything! 2009/05/02 08:41:29 (permalink)
I can't root an avocado seed to save my life, I've tried several times.  Love a good "clean" guac, also with just a little salt also.
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