BBQ Festivals

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seafarer john
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RE: BBQ Festivals 2007/08/20 16:14:34 (permalink)
Yesterday I returned to the annual Ribfest at the Ulster County Fairgrounds - only about 5 miles from my house.

The fest has grown to 51 contesting teams this year and an attendance of many thousands. A new item was added to the contest this year -something done on the grill made of apples ( apples are a big crop in this area). The gates opened at noon and I got there about 12:30 and should have grabbed a bag of ribs from one of the vendors (Jack McDaniels is always reliable and good, and a local butcher has lately gone into BBQ and does a very nice job- Elias' Meat Market, Highland, NY), but chose to tour the contestants' area first and talk BBQ with the folks there. By the time , an hour and a half later, I got to the vendor's stands the lines had become in the hundreds. Even for great ribs I'm not one to stand in line for an hour or more.
So, I purchased some roasted corn and a jar of local honey and an ice cold tasty lemonade - all turned out to be fine ( not consumed together).

The highlight of my visit was when I stopped to talk to a team from Fairfield, NY that consisted of a man and wife and their 12 year old son. She insisted that I taste her Apple Cake that she had just removed from the grill - a crumbly sugary delight loaded with chunks of apple. Then he offered me a slice of the brisket they were about to turn in for judging - no sauce, just the deliciously moist and smoky slice of brisket after 14 hours in the smoker. I'm usually a bit wary of brisket having had too many tasteless dried out slabs at BBQ's, but this man's offering was as good as it gets, and I told him so.

Then to my surprise and delight he tossed the two ends (about a pound altogether) of the brisket into some foil and into a bag and asked me to please take some home to my wife. I did, and we enjoyed it for dinner last night. I call that, "the generosity of strangers" - I regret I did'nt get their name or their team name.

Visiting with the contestants is always a pleasure; despite being tired after tending their smokers all night and under the tension of competing, most are friendly and outgoing, and some will gladly give you a sample of what they have cooked. I had a lot of samples of pulled pork yesterday and every one was damn good BBQ with individuality - the range of flavors was realy interesting.

This fest is growing rapidly and the size of the crowds is getting to be too much for a guy like me who is not very happy in large crowds, and who hates to stand in line.

Cheers, John

Matt Gleason
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RE: BBQ Festivals 2007/09/19 16:08:15 (permalink)
I attended the fest for the first time this year. I will attend again next year. We need more festivals like this in the area!

I have had Elias ribs before, actually had them cater an event at work. Very good food.

The Hickory up on Rte. 28 and in the city of Kingston is very good too.

I did not see Barn Stormers from Newburgh.

Some pics:
seafarer john
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RE: BBQ Festivals 2007/09/19 17:54:03 (permalink)
As far as I know Barnstormers does not cater or offer food off-premises. Hickory does very nice pork, their brisket, the one time I tried it, was dry and not very tasty. The folks at Elias are very nice people and they run a real quality butcher shop- I'm ashamed of myself that we do not shop there more often .
And, speaking of Highland, I highly recommend the Highland Cafe for breakfast or lunch - it's located on Main St.

Cheers, John
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RE: BBQ Festivals 2007/09/23 00:02:13 (permalink)
I have to tell you if you are a BBQ fan you should really look hard into being a certifeid Judge. I have been one for a couple years now and it is one of those things that once you do you kick yourself in the but for not doing it earlier. You get to samle some of the best BBQ you have ever had and then take home the leftovers and enjoy it the rest of the weekend. Go to and find out when they will be holding a judging class in your area. Or find and event that you can judge in wihtout being certified and try it. Bring a cooler and some zip lock bags and get ready to taste some of the best BBQ you have ever had ... every weekend!!!!

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RE: BBQ Festivals 2007/09/29 13:52:38 (permalink)
I should have posted this a while back. Sorry for the late notice.

The Sayville Fall Festival (Sayville, Long Island, NY)will be hosting the NY State BBQ Championships on the weekend of Oct. 19th.

There will be a full Fall Festival in swing, with rides, contests, parades, etc. as well as the competition. There will be both BBQ and nonBBQ vendors selling food.

There is room for roughly 32 teams and there are roughly 25 signed up.

It should be a great time and I would love to see you all come down and say 'hi'.

We need some more judges, if anyone here is interested!

Let me know if you need any more information.

Eric Devlin
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Re:BBQ Festivals 2010/08/02 02:31:43 (permalink)
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