BBQ Slaw

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2004/03/14 22:52:23 (permalink)

BBQ Slaw

In my ongoing effort to educate myself on such matters, I have noted that at some of the BBQ establishments written about in these forums, writers have noted that they partook of 'bbq slaw' The first several times I heard of this, I more or less assumed this was regular old cole slaw...after all, slaw is almost ubiquitously paired with bbq here in Cincinnati, many people eating slaw-topped bbq sandwiches.

However, the more I read of this, the more I think this is a different breed of slaw altogether. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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    RE: BBQ Slaw 2004/03/15 08:48:37 (permalink)
    When Bushie, The Mayor, Pogophile, Poverty Pete and JimInKy did our BBQ tour a few weeks ago, several of the establishments offered BBQ slaw. It was basically chopped cabbage with their BBQ sauce used.

    If you happened to like their sauce, you would like their slaw.

    The Sundancer personally prefers a creamy sweet slaw with my BBQ. Others seem to like the BBQ slaw very well.

    Paul E. Smith
    Knoxville, TN
    TJ Jackson
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    RE: BBQ Slaw 2004/03/15 09:10:19 (permalink)
    Thanks for the reply, Mr. Smith.

    I am thinking that most great meals involve balance between textures and flavors, ergo your classic cole slaw (creamy and mild) goes well with your ribs (smokey/spicey/salty).....I have never understood why people wants baked beans with ribs, seem too much alike to be in combination.
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    RE: BBQ Slaw 2004/04/13 15:52:22 (permalink)
    Barbecue slaw in North Carolina varies almost as much as the barbecue itself. There is some that is mayonaisse based , but with tomato sauce and chili powder and several other spices added. Then, there is slaw made with vinegar and sugar and salt and pepper. Then, some people even make a barbecue slaw with mustard based ingredients. And then some people just use standard coleslaw with mayonaisse on their barbecues. Just depends on where you are.
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    RE: BBQ Slaw 2004/04/14 12:31:29 (permalink)
    In some places bbq slaw is a mustard and pickle added item. Regular cole slaw mix with mustard and some pickle relish or cubes added. Chattanooga had several of these places, and I have seen others around in E. Tennessee or N. Alabama.
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