Back to New England!

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2011/05/30 20:46:28 (permalink)

Back to New England!

In mid-June I will be heading back to New England to "clinch" the remaining counties I have left in the region--two (three cities) in Massachusetts and nine in Maine, plus two secondary seats, of sorts, in New Hampshire.  I have some places pretty well figured out.
Here's where I plan on being on various days:
Day 1 (Saturday): 
Lunch:  somewhere along I-80 near the Ohio/Pennsylvania border (between Warren and Sharon)
Dinner:  Old Forge, Pennsylvania, for some of the city's special pizza!
Day 2 (Sunday):
Lunch:  somewhere in Connecticut along I-95 (are any roadfood non-chains open on Sunday?)
Dinner:  Fairhaven, Massachusetts (east of New Bedford)
Day 3 (Monday):
Lunch:  somewhere along the I-495 corridor in Massachusetts; I'll have to check up on where Kelly's Roast Beef is
Dinner:  Freeport, Maine
Day 4 (Tuesday):
Lunch:  somewhere on US 1 between Rockland and Machias
Dinner:  Presque Isle, Maine
Day 5 (Wednesday):
Lunch:  Bangor, Maine, for perhaps the only remaining Howard Johnson's restaurant
Dinner:  Colebrook, New Hampshire (northern Coos County, pronounced "KOH-ohs" with two syllables, by the way)
Day 6 (Thursday):
Lunch: between White River Junction, Vermont, and Albany, New York
Dinner:  North Syracuse, New York (the airport exit, or I-81 Exit 27/Colonel Eileen Collins Boulevard).  I've looked at Julie's Diner between South Bay and Brewerton (US 11) Roads at the end of Eileen Collins Boulevard on the other (west) side of I-81 and Hofmann Hot Haus near Northern Lights Plaza
What are your suggestions?

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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/03 23:48:38 (permalink)
    i always go to genes  famous seafood when im in fairhaven .its a take out and dine in seafood rest.also fairhaven chowder pot is good also,its in mattapoisett which is 2 or 3 miles away.
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/06 11:10:38 (permalink)
    Day 2 Lunch: Depends on where in CT along 95 you are so I''ll try to cover most of the ride in 20-30 minute segments:
    Great !! pizza can be found up through New Haven and seafood beyond so my apologies if there is undue focus on that:
    Stamford area: Colony Grill (pizza) on Myrtle St. 2 mins. off I95. Exit 8 to Elm, go right then left on Myrtle. Park in the lot on the right if you can.
    Norwalk: Tacos Mexico. Corner of East Ave and Ft. Point Street. Exit 16, south about 1/2 mile.
    Norwalk: Letizia Pizza. 666 Main Ave. A bit further off 95 than you may want to travel but worth it imho. You'll need to take Exit 15 (Rt 7) north to the end of the expressway, go right, then left (staying on "7"). Letizia is up on the right at the 2nd light just past the Walmart.
    Fairfield: another Colony Grill (Exit 21 to Rt 1, then left/north for 1/3 mile on the left)  and Pepe's Pizza as well as Super Duper Weenie (Exit 24, straight off the exit then bear right past the Syms/Filene's). Super Duper is on the left. Pepe's is on Commerce St. which is at the next light. Go left and it is on the left 1/2 mile down.
    New Haven: Pepe's original of course, Sally's which I DESPISE because of the totally rude and obnoxious attitude (eat your pizza and get the &^%$ out !). Both on Wooster St which you can get to off of 95 (exit 47, left side) to Rt 34, exit 1 (Frontage) to Olive St.  Personally, I prefer Modern on State St. A bit less crowded (usually) than either Pepe's or Sally's and the pizza is fantastic. Not entirely sure about the Sunday hours for Pepe or Sally, I know Modern doesn't open until later in the day (3 or 4) but if you are running late it may work.
    Guilford:  Anthony's on Rt 1 has excellent pizza and other traditional Italian offerings.  Exit 57, left onto Rt. 1 about a mile on the left.
    Madison: Lenny and Joe's on Rt. 1. A bit overrun with children on the weekend but the I have yet to be disappointed with my meal. Exit 62 toward the State Park, then left on Rt. 1 for 1/3 mile if that. On the left.
    Westbrook: Ok, this is not Road Food but.. if Day 2 happens to be a Sunday and you feel like splurging, the Brunch at the Waters Edge Resort is excellent. You may end up skipping dinner.  Exit 65, right toward the shore and then left on Rt. 1. On the right about 1/2 mile.  Despite having been there a number of times, I always seem to drive past the entrance when coming from the south.
    I used to be a fan of the Dock and Dine in Old Saybrook but no longer. Great atmosphere but mediocre food and getting pricey.My family still likes it but I try to steer clear.
    East Lyme: Frank's Grille on Rt. 1 is a winner. Great food, excellent prices, especially considering what you are eating. It's almost like "Gourmet Roadfood". Exit 74, left off the exit, left onto Rt. 1 and then 1/4 mile on the right. (Update 6/7 Sorry- scratch this one. Not open for Lunch on Sunday but if by chance you are in the area after 5:00, well worth the stop.)
    Flander's Fish around the corner is also good. The lunch menu/offerings are decent. I don't like their Sunday buffet but apparently I am in the minority because the times I have gone on Sunday it is usually pretty crowded. Exit 74, left then 1/4 mile on the left past Rt.1 .
    If you have made it as far as Mystic/Stonington, Sea Swirl is a decent option. The typical roadside clam shack. a bit pricey perhaps because of its location (somewhat) near the Seaport and downtown Mystic. Exit 90, go right past the Aquarium and Seaport into town and left at light onto Rt.1  Sea Swirl is about 100 yards on the right.
    I do hope this helps and that you have a nice trip !
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/06 11:49:27 (permalink)
    In Syracuse forget Julies. 1/4 mile north on US 11 is a place called the Clam Bar. Go there you won't be disappointed. Hofman Hot House is OK, nothing special. 
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/06 17:44:41 (permalink)
    Ummmm... I could be wrong, but I don't think there's a Hojo's in Bangor.
    If you're going on 495N, Harrison's Roast Beef in North Andover, Ma is very good. It doesn't have the cachet of Kelley's, but is good. Kelley's is on Rt. 1, Saugus and you're not too far from both Karl's Sausage Kitchen and Joe Pace's Italian market ((and small cafe).
     Red's Eats in Wiscasset,Me has one of the best lobster rolls ever.
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/06 18:41:46 (permalink)
    You picked a good night for Old Forge - most are closed Sunday, but all are open Saturday.
    The Sterns reviewed SALERNO'S - but couldn't get to some of the other places because it was lunch time.   GENOTTI'S is simply a mini-mart and made the site by default, it's not bad - but there are dozens better throughout the region.
    As a lifelong local and OF Pizza fan, I'd recommend:
    1.  GHIGIARELLI'S on Main.   The best Red.  
    2.  REVELLO'S on Main.  Just across the street - the most popular.
    If you want to explore more...
    3.  SALERNO'S about half a mile away - for the Roadfood completist.
    You could order two "cuts" (not slices) per person if you want to try 'em all.  While you might be tempted to try white pizza, go with the red - they are surprisingly different
    My other favorites along the way.
    4. SENAPE'S in Hazleton.  On the way in, bakery pizza that you can eat in the car or the next day.
    5.  PIZZA PERFECT in Trucksville - if you were coming from Rt. 118 to 309 (Williamsport).  Oily, oniony Sicilian - as good as Ghig's and that's my highest praise.
    6.  COLARUSSO'S in Avoca (one town over from Old Forge).  Another great OF Pizza. 
    Have fun and send us a recap!
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/06 19:14:08 (permalink)
    45013, I just put a hold on Kelly's based on their Danvers Location.  Plenty of better places IMO.  But again, based on the Danvers location.
    Good info from Stan The Old Forge Pizza Man!
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/06 19:17:04 (permalink)
    You'll almost be in Rhode Island - but I always have at least one of my CT lunches off I-95 at Johnny Ads, 910 Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook, CT.  Some of New England's best fried clams. Good foot long too.
    For dinner in Freeport, though it is often crowded with a fairly long wait, Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster at the Freeport Wharf, the Town Landing.  Lobster in the rough.
    The original Kelly's Roast Beef is on Revere Beach, and a great place to stop. I'd consider a slight detour off I-95 for comparative research into the Essex/Ipswich fried clam joints including the Clam Box, Woodman's (who claims to have invented fried clams) and J.T. Farnham's whom many seem to prefer. 
    Eat well and often.
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/10 19:19:54 (permalink)
    A great Roadfood stop on your first day could be the origional "Quaker Steak and Lube" off of interstate 80 in Sharon PA.  It's a place built in an old time gas station with a wide selection of wings that they are known for, and also a full menu.  Quite quirky!  When you are near Boston, I fully recommend Kellys Roast Beef, on Revere Beach.  While they are known for their beef sandwiches, I love the lobster rolls!

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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/10 19:53:11 (permalink)
    Day 2 Lunch has to be New Haven Apizza.
    Pepe's in New Haven on Wooster is open Sunday at lunchtime, and has some of the best pizza (top 3) I have ever tasted
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    Re:Back to New England! 2011/06/11 08:24:44 (permalink)
    Our favorites:
    day 2 - Pepe's for white clam apizza
    day 3 - Clam Box, Ipswich
    day 4 - Young's Lobster Pound in Belfast - get a 3 lb'er
    enjoy your trip
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