Bakers Square

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2007/08/14 17:04:35 (permalink)

Bakers Square

Had lunch for the first time at one of these establishments, and I did not hate it. Pretty nice cream of tomato-basil soup, although I know it comes out of a carton, and a pretty good slice of blueberry pie. Good service, fair prices. Apparently you midwesterners have a good chain out there.

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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/08/14 19:03:13 (permalink)
    We had a Bakers Square in Victorville, Ca when I lived out West. It was very similiar in quality, price, and menu to Marie Calendar's. It did produce good pies (also like Marie Calendar)!
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/08/14 19:31:10 (permalink)
    Marie Calendar is a chain? I thought it was just a maker of frozen, chicken pot pie.
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/08/14 20:59:36 (permalink)
    I love Baker's Square, but we don't have one in the Indy area. I read on their website that they used to be owned by Pillsbury but have since been bought by another company that maintains their status as a maker of pies. Every time I drive to Chicago I have to stop and have a slice of lemon meringue pie!
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/08/14 22:30:04 (permalink)
    Yes, Marie Callendars has a lot more going for it than the frozen grocery pies and entrees. It is a rather large chain, mainly in the Western USA. Noted for its bakery (Pies) for eat-in and Take-out. Here is the website, check the pie menu...It is larger than Baker's Square, and I think Bakers Square pies are pretty good too.

    I just learned from their website that last year the M C company merged with Perkins Family Restaurants although the "brand" names of the two companies remains as they are. There are 139 M. C. Restaurant and bakeries.

    Each February M.C.'s holds its annual Pie Sale...any pie on the menu for $5. We used to go in and get half-dozen. Chocolate Silks, Pecans, and Lemon Sour-creams. Great eating !! The fruit pies (double or lattice-crust) were great also, but the fresh fruit (in season) pies were absolutely the best. Peach Melba topped my list with fresh peach slices piled high and dozens of Raspberries sprinkled all over the 'gel'. These are full-sized pies, not the "junior edition".

    BTW, The regular menu food was ok...But it was the pies that drew us to the place. Here is the link to their website
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/08/15 00:37:08 (permalink)
    Wow. I used to go to Bakers Square in Birmingham, MI just to get a pie to go. Thinking about it right now, I think it was also called a Chocolate Silk.

    We have five Maries Callender's here in town. I hit that pie sale Al mentioned, mainly for a Boston Cream Pie or a Key Lime Pie.

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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/11/04 16:28:41 (permalink)
    I was just checking if anyone had ever posted about Baker's Square, and here it is. I must be the only one who loves Baker's Square, not for the pies, but I just love their signature dish, a teriyaki chicken and vegetable stir fry pita. It's not really on pita bread, I think it's more a flatbread with swiss cheese melted on it. I love the vegetables and teriyaki sauce, and I get a little extra on the side to dip the french fries in. And I am not a great lover of french fries, but their french fries are really good too. So, I just was wondering if there was anyone else out there who loves this or is it just me???
    mayor al
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/11/04 16:54:22 (permalink)

    We don't have any Baker's Square Stores in the Louisville area (that I have seen) but on our recent trip to the Western Suburbs of Chicago (Cicero to Naperville Vicinity) we saw Bakers Squares "everywhere"!! We even saw the Pie Sale Banner on some of them!
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/11/04 16:59:05 (permalink)
    Baker's Square was indeed developed by Pillsbury in Minneapolis back in 1970/71 (memory fade on the exact year). I used to ride the bus to work with one of the Pillsbury execs that developed the restaurant concept. He gave me two coupons for the grand opening. They've always had good pies and that was their strong suit since Pillsbury was started as a flour company.
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/11/07 14:08:18 (permalink)
    I have never eaten at a Baker's Square, but I HATE the voiceovers in the commercials. The lady spits out her b's and p's. (It's my pet peeve .) It sounds like she is saying "Unpulievaple pie".
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    RE: Bakers Square 2007/11/08 15:55:18 (permalink)
    I used to love their cauliflower and broccoli soups when I lived in the Chicago area, but it's been years since I've eaten at one.

    Apparently the initials "BS" didn't deter the development team...

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    RE: Bakers Square 2011/04/18 16:18:55 (permalink)
    I loved them when I lived back in Chicago. The menu had changed over the years but they had the best house salad- with black olives, melba toast and a dressing that was sort of "thousand island meets parmesan cheese".
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