Baltimore Bound With the Boys for a Ballgame, Berger's, Beef, The Babe and More...

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Re: Baltimore Bound With the Boys for a Ballgame, Berger's, Beef, The Babe and More... 2018/07/08 09:03:12 (permalink)
Great trip report as usual, Billy. BTW, Did you prepare for your trip by watching the classic Barry Levinson movies, Diner, Tin Men, and Avalon?

Wintahaba, nope.  I knew about Diner but I'm not familiar with Tin Men or Avalon.  Are they all Barry Levinson films?  What I definitely did NOT do was binge watch episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire!

They are part of Levinson's Baltimore Trilogy (which is actually a quartet when you add in Liberty Heights).  Tin Men loosely picks up the story several years after Diner.  Not necessarily the same characters, but plot lines and themes hinted at the end of Diner carry through.  Plus, the film introduces the world to Fine Young Cannibals and their hit "Good Thing" (think before you click.  The song is a potent earworm, but in this case, that's a...good thing).
Avalon takes place years before Diner.  There's even a scene near the end of the film where you see a crane in the background of the shot, lowering the diner onto its pad.  No specific mention of what's to come, just a clever visual reference for those in the know.  The soundtrack is provided by Barry Levinson's favorite music collaborator, Randy Newman.  It is one of the most moving scores you'll ever hear.
Of the three (four) Avalon is my favorite.  It tells the story of the 20th century immigrant experience via one family's American assimilation through three generations.  It does this beautifully by focusing the timeline, through the years, on the two most American of all holidays, The 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
Avalon is a must see for anyone whose family came to this country in the last hundred years, especially if you're a Baby Boomer.  One of the best things I ever did in my life was to bring my maternal Grandmother to see Avalon in a theater.  She loved it.  I think you will too.

Buddy, Great synopsis...pretty much agree about our faves. Also, good eye on the diner being delivered. Our favorite lines...
"Can we be in the after shots, Hon?"
We love them all..I definitely suggest watching them.
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Re: Baltimore Bound With the Boys for a Ballgame, Berger's, Beef, The Babe and More... 2018/07/08 15:34:05 (permalink)
What a wonderful trip down memory lane.
Great pics, great choices, great commentary.
Thank you!
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Re: Baltimore Bound With the Boys for a Ballgame, Berger's, Beef, The Babe and More... 2018/07/09 12:16:05 (permalink)
"I'm hoping that some members of Hot Dog Nation will chime in on these brands.  From the Oriole logo on the front, I'm guessing that the Esskay brand is the official hot dog of the Baltimore Orioles.  Has anyone here ever tried them?"
Esskay is the official hot dog of Camden Yard. It is a very good hot dog although I am partial to my local Martin Rosol out of New Britain, CT. My husband grew up in Silver Springs MD until he was in high school when he moved to CT and he lives for our yearly road trip to Baltimore. We hit at least 3-4 games, always stop at the market for Berger's cookies and we never ever miss getting Boog's sandwiches at least 2 games out of the 3-4. And for what it's worth, I agree about the beans at Boogs! They are fantastic. I like them better than the ones from Chap's pit beef (but oh my, Chap's pit beef sandwiches are heavenly and my mouth is watering thinking about one right now)
Did you get a chance to hang out at the Harbor? Great place to people watch before a ball game and it is only a couple of blocks from the ball park. I  have been to a lot of ball parks in my life since my husband is a huge fan of the game and we always go if it is the season when we are in a new state but Camden Yard is my all time favorite. VERY fan friendly. You can even bring your own soda, lunch water whatever as long as it is not in glass bottles. Lovely park.  
You did a fantastic job describing everything on your trip. Loved reading this. Fells point has some great food. My favorite place for Seafood is the Thames St. Oyster House.  
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