Beer at the Arport ...

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2008/09/27 10:07:19 (permalink)

Beer at the Arport ...

From Yahoo:

"Given that so many travelers feel air travel is driving them to drink, why not take this literally and seek out good places at the airport for a colorful cocktail, fine wine or hearty beer?

Beer is the most budget-friendly quaffing option, and airports are increasingly putting the good stuff on offer: toothsome microbrews, unique specialty beers and other fresh-from-the-tap alternatives to watery, character-free, mass-market suds ...


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    RE: Beer at the Arport ... 2008/09/27 10:21:55 (permalink)
    I fly quite a bit also. I have noticed many of the major airports upgrading their dining/food/bar options. My latest notice was this past week at Dallas. This is the first time I had been in concourse D. It is really nice and new with a very good food court.

    Detroit just opened its new concourse a mile and a half from the other new one. It is also very nice with lots of good food options. It has only been opened two weeks.

    Atlanta has upgraded several of their concourses with lots of new food options and new badly needed rest rooms.

    It seems like all of them have recoginized that nice bars with great beer options are very important.

    Paul E. Smith
    Knoxville, TN
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    RE: Beer at the Arport ... 2008/09/27 12:35:09 (permalink)
    I spotted a great-looking beer bar on the concourse at MIA last month. Unfortunately, it was closed.

    Narrow-minded of them to think that nobody wants a beer at 7:00 AM! " />
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    RE: Beer at the Arport ... 2008/09/27 13:23:31 (permalink)
    Before I fly I like plenty of Jet Fuel, Vodka, thanks!
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    RE: Beer at the Arport ... 2008/09/27 17:53:06 (permalink)
    In Philly (US Air Terminal) they have a great bar with many beer choices...A little expensive and service can be slow at busy times...but its a nice selection & they have good turnover on the beers they serve. I usually try my best to help the turnover rate.

    I will re-post if I remember the name of the place.
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