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Junior Burger
RE: Ben Hur Candies 2011/02/04 10:30:53
Well, it looks like the ONLY way we're ever going to revive the old Ben Hurs is for someone to BUY the recipe from Farleys & Sathers, since they claim it is proprietary information. But they've already said they have no plans to sell the recipe. Isn't it sad? The company isn't going to post the recipe to their website, but they're not going to sell it, and they certainly don't plan to start manufacturing Ben Hurs again. I mean, just stab me in the heart and get it over with.

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Junior Burger
RE: Ben Hur Candies 2011/02/06 09:51:17
Good Luck, 
After I initially confirmed that they had the recipe I contacted them to inquire about selling it but they did not reply.  They only ever sent me the standard reply that I posted in here a couple years ago.   I'm hoping that you have better luck with them.   
dale ray
Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2011/09/02 16:12:03
I have been on a search for these candies for many years. My Dad called them sen sens but the sen sens they sell in the foil pack isn't even close. I have although came across a product similar in flavor as a ben hur. The product is Violet mints by maker C. Howard. Give these a whirl and let me know what ya think.
Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2012/02/13 11:25:19

I have read the blogs on the ben hur candy, and I miss them as much as anyone.
I am orig. from Buffalo, and I heard the recipe came from the native Americans near Rochester, NY.
They were sold in bulk at many stores in the Buffalo area, and I always
had a bag of them near me.
I also emailed the Farleys & Sathers and told them they must release the recipe
or sell the candy.
    One possible lead to the secret ingredient is that I purchased a cigar called Acid Kuba Kuba, and the scent of the cigar band
is exactly like a ben hur.
I wonder if the ingredients are such (tobacco) that they can't release the recipe?
If your are near a cigar store, go in and smell the wrapper on an acid Kuba Kuba cigar.
Meantime good luck.
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Junior Burger
RE: Ben Hur Candies 2012/04/18 20:21:48
Has anyone had any luck finding Ben Hurs yet?  I'm originally from Nanticoke PA and used to get them from Diamonds Candy store.  Doing an internet search led me to this forum.  I didn't know there were so many people on this same quest!  I sure hope we can find some or at least the recipe to make them.
Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2012/12/15 13:02:03
     My husband and I both enjoyed Sens Sens as kids and found them several years ago at candy stores under the name Ben Hurs.  They stopped making them and we are very disappointed.  Thinking about them again, I decided to see if there was anything new on the internet and I found a website pentitioning the company holding the recipe to release it.  They need 250 signatures.  Check it out and sign. 
Junior Burger
RE: Ben Hur Candies 2012/12/26 02:52:50
I've been going nuts for years trying to find a candy, and what I'm reading on this post sounds like it may be Ben Hurs since I don't remember the name.  Here is what I recall when I bought them as a child.  The candy pieces came in a box that was yellow with black and grey markings on it......the box was maybe 4" long......and I "think" it had the Heide diamond logo on it.  The little pillows of candy were grey in color but not really puffy but not entirely flat either, and I remember at least one side of the pillow had lines on it which looked like someone had run a fork across it.  They looked like they "could" be a licorice mint, but no licorice mint I ever tried tasted quite like this candy and I can still taste its unique flavor until today.  I used to purchase it in the early 1960s when I was in grade school........some kids liked it, and others who hated it used to laugh and call them "soapies".  Please just post a comment on this website to let me know if this is how you all remember least I'll know what they were called if this sounds like them.  Thanks!
Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2013/01/10 13:30:02
I found a site on line  They offer Richardson Anise Mints.  The photo looks promising - they kinda look like the Ben Hur's (we also called them sen sen).  It was 20 years ago the last time I bought sen sen at the Globe Store in Scranton, PA.  I'm will take a chance and order them - unfortunately, 4 pounds for about 18 dollars. 
Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2013/01/10 22:51:35
Though these are good, and hopefully you'll like them, I'm told that Ben Hurs had a somewhat soapy taste in comparison.  I have an idea for a recipe, but I've yet to get around to trying it.  I'll post when I do, but I don't think I can make them very competitively to these factory made ones. 
Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2013/01/10 22:53:35
If the kind you're looking for are actually Sen Sen, you can still get those at
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Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2013/09/05 12:15:04
It's funny how everyone keeps referring back to the little bags of Sen Sens.
Ben Hurs have been off the market for about 20 years or so now.
They also were in a smaller market of distribution, so they are not that well known.
I just hope that place releases the recipe soon.
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Junior Burger
Re:Ben Hur Candies 2017/03/26 20:52:16
i have also been looking for years.  I remember going to the wholesale candy store with my grandfather and buying the boxes of Ben Hurs and the candy cigarettes it think from the same company.   so since i know we cannot get them anymore i think i have come up with a candy that taste just like them. i have had family and friends that remember Ben Hurs/Sen Sen try them and they all say that yep that is the taste.  I am still working on the texture.  Looking for some testers with honest opinions.
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