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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/03 00:31:09 (permalink)
Oh, I love hickory sauce! I add a few drops (to taste) to my (not so secret) sauce.
Secret sauce: Mayo, ketchup, sweet relish. Hey, isin't that "Thousand Island dressing?
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/03 01:09:39 (permalink)
lettuce, raw onion, tomato, mayo, hot peppers, and if available, guacamole
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/03 18:15:19 (permalink)
I'd like sauteed mushrooms, mayo, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce. That would be a great tasting burger to me.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/11 16:02:25 (permalink)


Awsi Dooger
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/13 22:47:22 (permalink)
Lettuce, thin sliced tomato, thin sliced or chopped onions, and plenty of relish. That's by far my favorite condiment. I'm always opening my fast food burgers after bringing them home, and dumping plenty of relish on them.

Oh yeah, I forgot about mushrooms. I love mushrooms on burgers. But fast food joints seldom have them and I avoid burgers in traditional restaurants since the burgers are invariably too thick for my taste. Sometimes I'll make mushroom burgers at home.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/17 15:48:37 (permalink)
Freshly ground horseradish with true grain distilled white vinegar.

Very hot. Some cheap white vinegars are not grain distilled so check the label carefully. If it does not say distilled from grain it is probably a petroleum byproduct.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/17 16:23:26 (permalink)
No kid of sauce for me, just tomato, salt, bacon, and sometimes cheese - preferably cheddar, but American's okay.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/17 16:45:19 (permalink)
Depends on my mood... I've been known to change it up often. Sometimes just ketchup, other times mustard, sometimes with onions sometimes without. Sometimes with fried onions. Tomatoes, lettuce, pesto, blue cheese, mayo, bacon, mushrooms..etc. Adding things to the actual burger such as onions, mushrooms (sautated of course), blue cheese crumbles, chedder cheese are all delicious as well. I am still waiting to find some combo of food I really detest. :)
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/06/17 16:58:53 (permalink)
Bacon, sauteed onions and mushrooms, bbq sauce.

I recently had a "Rochester Original Hamburger" at The Distillery (Rochester NY local chain of 3 restaurants) in Greece, NY. It is listed on their menu as an 8 oz burger with mustard, onions and meaty hot sauce. I got it with onions, sauteed mushrooms and the meaty hot sauce (no mustard).

The hot sauce had an interesting taste. It reminded me of cloves and/or cinnamon. There was a little bit of heat, but not too much so that you couldn't taste the other ingredients. My Rochester-based eating companion said that hot sauce was a Rochester staple. I tried to convince him to go to Nick Tahou's so I could try my first garbage plate, but he wasn't up for it -- maybe next time!
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/07/20 21:29:25 (permalink)
Two words: bleu cheese.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/07/26 22:26:27 (permalink)
I cannot eat ketchup on anything. I can't stand the flavor of it. The only thing I want on a burger is a few thick slices of red onion and tomato, Hellman's mayo, and a dash of pepper.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/07/26 22:51:00 (permalink)
Pickapeppa brand sauce is a solid complement to a charcoal-grilled burger, with a thick slice of real cheddar or Swiss cheese.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/07/27 00:11:44 (permalink)
Miracle whip, lettuce (iceberg please!) and tomato. Yes I know I'm pretty boring when it comes to what I will eat on a hamburger :)
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/07/27 00:44:39 (permalink)
Pepper jack cheese, onion, jalapeno, and guacamole. yumm.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/07/28 07:49:31 (permalink)
depends how i am felling.

-Mayo and a bunch of pepper, most of the time if I to lazy to cut anything up

-if I got the time or its there already. cheese, big piece of onion, tomato, mayo and a bunch of pepper.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/08/08 15:11:39 (permalink)
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/08/08 15:37:34 (permalink)
Mustard and Mayonaise. Sometimes steak sauce like A1 or Heinz 57.
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/08/08 15:43:39 (permalink)
Soy sauce w/ a little bit of pineapple juice mixed in
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/08/25 08:08:21 (permalink)
Hi all, this is my 1st post. I've just recently discovered this website and am loving it!

My only regret since joining is that I wish I'd found it ages ago.

Anyway, keeping on topic here :)

99.99% of the time my burgers are topped with cheese, onions and extra mayonnaise only. (onions can be grilled or raw, just depends on my mood and if I'm at a place that has grilled as an option).

I used to even do the onion/mayo only combo on my Krystal's burger as well, only difference was no cheese. I wasn't a big fan of cheese on my "sliders". Although this was when we still had a Krystal's in Charleston, SC, which is where I am. Man I miss those things. They were my absolute, hands down favorite! They were always busy whether I was there at 9am or midnight, I was truly shocked to see them leave here. Poor management maybe? Who knows? I will say that since then I've seriously considered buying a franchise to rebuild here, just to satisfy my own evil cravings!

Man I miss those little sweet pieces of heaven...(rubbing belly).

O.k. back on topic once more. I'm sure some of you "seasoned" "Foodies" here are wondering if I know how to stay on topic. Answer is: Yes, BUT I'm a woman who tends to write everything in her mind. So there. hehe.

I was going to add that I know the "extra" mayonnaise isn't the healthiest, but if I'm gonna eat the burger...well...might as well eat it to my liking. I do LOVE the mayo!
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RE: Besides ketchup 2007/09/04 19:06:01 (permalink)
It depends. If it's really good meat, then just tomato and onion. If not, then A1 (regular or thick and hearty).
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