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RE: Best Cookies 2006/08/16 21:40:46 (permalink)
My favorite place to buy cookies in Pittsburgh is at Moio's, a wonderful little Italian bakery in the eastern suburb of Monroeville.

Another place which has fantastic cookies is Caffe Sicilia in Gloucester, MA. My cousin and I stopped here for breakfast before this year's Roadfood bus tour and bought a two pound box. We knew right then and there we were in for a great eating day!
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RE: Best Cookies 2006/08/18 01:31:07 (permalink)
I've always had a hard time with store bought "brand" cookies as they taste very processed to me (as usually evidenced by the laundry list of unpronouncable ingredients that would make a spelling bee champion break down and cry). I do like Dancing Deer Bakery though makes great Sugar Cane Lime and Chocolate Tangerine cookies. Their website is Plus their company is local (Boston-based) and does good charity work.
I just went to the Union Square Greenmarket on Wed. and stopped at a bkaery tent whose name I have forgotten, but their molasses-ginger cookies were sublime! It brought me back to the cookies my sister and aunt made during the holidays. Like Christmas in August!! I also adore my cousin Pat's sugar cookies. Pillowy, soft, with a liberal duting of cinnamon sugar on top and a hint of lemon inside. No family reunion is complete without them. I usually prefer to bake my own cookies (Oatmeal Scotchies, Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, and Baked Chocolate Truffle Cookies) so I know what is in them and I like them thin, crispy, yet chewy in the middle.
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RE: Best Cookies 2006/08/18 08:46:25 (permalink)
The best cookies I ever had were at a "Cookie Party" a few Decembers ago. Someone made "Marshmallow Clouds" which were a dark chocolate cookie with a melted marshmallow inside. I had to leave the party early and never got the recipe. I would love a good recipe, tried and true, not just off the internet.
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RE: Best Cookies 2006/08/18 14:49:56 (permalink)
Mine would be the old fashioned tea cakes and I absolutely love the cutout decorated sugar cookes; especially at Christmas time. I also like the Mexician Wedding Cookies and pecan sandies.
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RE: Best Cookies 2006/08/28 11:25:03 (permalink)
Have you found the Picadilly Jelly Cookies anywhere? I haven't been able to find them in any of the grocery stores. Do you remember who they were made by?
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RE: Best Cookies 2006/09/05 23:56:02 (permalink)
I am looking for a cookie that was around in the late 50's (approximately). It was a small rectangular shaped cookie covered in butterscotch. Came in an aqua colored bag with a see thru cellophane window. I loved them!! No one, family or friends, seems to know what I am talking about. It was small 1/2 - 1 inch long; about 1/2 inch high and wide. Just a good bite or 2. PLEASE, someone tell me that you remember them and what they are. I have been trying to remember now for several years. Help!?
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RE: Best Cookies 2007/12/14 21:55:51 (permalink)
I am disappointed that my favorite snack is gone. The Sunshine golden Raisin Biscuit. A long flat raisin biscuit that was thin and chewy.
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RE: Best Cookies 2007/12/18 13:23:34 (permalink)
tj - they were a favorite of mine too. The closest I've come to them is a cookie called Sultana Biscuits I found in an Oriental supermarket, made by the Khong Guan company, The look and taste is similar, Sunshine's may have been a little sweeter, and the raisins in the Sultana Biscuits are a little chewier and drier than I remember.
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RE: Best Cookies 2008/01/29 14:09:07 (permalink)
One of my favorites is the ranger cookie.
I've found them at Kroger, but the best ones came from my grandma's kitchen.
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