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2007/10/29 10:49:06 (permalink)

Best Pizza You Ever Eat

I need to find the places where you can eat the best pizzas! I know New York is awesome, let me know all the places! I travel a lot!

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    RE: Best Pizza You Ever Eat 2007/10/29 10:55:28 (permalink)
    Hmmm. Florida really suck! I used to live in New Haven CT and I loved the pizza in the BAR. The crust was awesome! In some places you better off just making your own pizza! :)
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    RE: Best Pizza You Ever Eat 2007/10/29 11:00:29 (permalink)
    NYC- Difara, Totonno's, Patsy's (uptown)
    New Haven- Pepe's, Sally's, Modern
    CT- Letizia's, Colony Grill, Carminuccio's, Pepe's Fairfield
    Napoli- Trianon, Lombardi, everywhere...
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    RE: Best Pizza You Ever Eat 2007/10/29 11:11:28 (permalink)
    Ok, this falls in line with the Philly Geno's/Pats thing. My friends say never go there until three in the morning.

    In DC at 3 in the morning there is "fun pizza." Fun pizza means the bars just closed down and whatever giant slice you buy, there are 3 places, will be the best pizza you ever ate. Tastes like cardboard during the day, but boy at night it is great.

    For real pizza...wow, hard to decide. I like the Mellow Mushroom in NC because when you get bacon on a pizza they put recognizable slices of bacon rather than bacon crumbles. I like a white pizza at a place by Mass and Western in DC (blanking on the name) because I'm not too much of a purist to like feta and goat cheese on a pizza once in a while. I have fond memories of the $4 large five star pizza in Gainesville... taste is no obstacle for a poor college student. I think I went to the wrong "Ray's" in NY last time I was there. Will be trying that again.

    Best pizza may be unexpected pizza. Small town in Czech Republic had a pizza. Strangely spicy and small. An unexpected find that I may have to find the pictures of. We tried pizza at two places. One place had obviously eaten pizza before they put it on the menu. Both had a throw everything on it goal, but with much different results. I think I am putting too much thought into a simple question, but it raises a lot of good memories. So, the best pizza is the one that lives in my memories, not always because of the actual pizza being good.
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    RE: Best Pizza You Ever Eat 2007/10/29 11:20:30 (permalink)
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    RE: Best Pizza You Ever Eat 2007/10/29 12:04:39 (permalink)
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