Best Root Beer for Floats

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Re:Best Root Beer for Floats 2013/11/02 14:46:20 (permalink)
With the typically miniscule amount of vermouth used in a proper Martini (if any), it truly doesn't matter. Maybe with a martini snob, but I would find it hard to believe if even a snob could tell the difference between Cinzano and Martini Rossi.  Whereas, I think the root beer, due to a larger volume is a more important element in the making a proper root beer float. Your taste test sounds fun and involved! Keep us posted as to the results.
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Re:Best Root Beer for Floats 2013/11/02 18:53:51 (permalink)
As far as the taste test goes, I'm going to do two rounds. I will be taking samples of all of the ones I can buy locally and testing them with a group of my friends. For the second round, I will take the top three and pit them against homemade root beer. For the homemade root beer, I will be using Zatarian's and McCormick concentrates, and the recipe recommended for floats in Homemade Root Beer, Soda and Pop by Stephen Cresswell.

Brewing or just adding sugar and carbonated water?
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Re:Best Root Beer for Floats 2013/11/02 19:12:31 (permalink)
I will be brewing with yeast. I'll try both regular bread yeast and ale yeast.

I just found this interesting taste test of the major, widely available root beers. You will never guess which one won.
http : // drinks.seriouseats . com/2010/10/taste-test-root-beer-what-is-the-best-brand-barqs-dr-browns-hansens-mug-aw . html
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Re:Best Root Beer for Floats 2013/11/11 12:09:20 (permalink)
mayor al

BTW  for my favorite of all types of soda, tuen to  SPRECHER's Cherry Cola.  Unbelieveable flavor !!

Thank you so very much for leading me to this most wonderful beverage!
I've kept my eyes peeled for it and finally found it yesterday at Central Market here in Dallas. 
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