Best breakfast meat

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Pat T Hat
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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/05 21:33:08 (permalink)
Originally posted by xannie_01

does goetta taste like scrapple?

Not really but you could make them taste kinda like one another easy enough. Texture is totally different as you would think( steel cut oats vs cornmeal mush). Bayleaf in goetta makes a big difference as does the 1/2 beef 1/2 pork that is traditional (I use good sausage and chuck). I like scrapple egged and crumbed and fried crispy. Goetta just fried on cast iron. It makes a neat egg cup cooked in a muffin pan(make sure you spray good), and scrapple probably would too. Don't know if I'd care for scrapple in a breakfast burrito or omelet but goetta's pretty kickin' in that regard.
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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/05 22:47:18 (permalink)
Scrapple has more of a sage taste to it, while you can taste the bay leaf in goetta. Both of them are great, though. When I was a kid my mom called scrapple "poor man's pate." I like to nuke chunks of it and spread it on buttered English muffins. Time to pay a visit to my friend in Philly, I need to stock up.
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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/05 23:59:04 (permalink)
NY strip steak leftover from last nights dinner. I slice it very thin and just sear it
in a hot pan for about 10 seconds on each side. it was "rare" the night before.
Of course, there's hash browns or home fried potatos served with it. Sometimes,
a couple of eggs "over easy" on top of the sliced steak.
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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/09 14:02:56 (permalink)
After BBQing a Full Santa Maria TriTip the next day cut the left over meat into small slices Fry it up in Olive Oil, it is great with any kind of egg dish.
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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/09 14:45:51 (permalink)
Al, boy does that look good!

Does anyone know what dry cured bacon is. I saw some at the grocery yesterday. It was in a 3 lb. burlap bag.
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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/18 15:26:34 (permalink)
Originally posted by Adjudicator

Originally posted by Al-The Mayor-Bowen

I voted for Bacon, as the choice looked good to me. I like CFS and Eggs and Link or Patti Sausage for breakfast too.

But Bacon is the Prime Choice. Here is an example of a small side of bacon and a few Link-Sausages with an order of Biscuits and gravy at the Brown Hotel in Louisville taken a few weeks ago. I passed on the eggs that morning....Gotta watch that Cholesterol Count !!

P S I won't touch Pork Roll, just for the nick-name it gained during my service days. I love S-O-S, but can't even think about eating "DONKEY DI*K!"

Please don't tell me you ate all of that. " />

Haha, this plate of bacon reminds me of my friend from college...he absolutely loved bacon. On BLT days, he would get an entire plate of just bacon and that would be his lunch (or dinner, depending on when it was being served).

He was a TWIG, too. Nothing but skin and bones. I know I could never eat that much bacon, lol.

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RE: Best breakfast meat 2006/05/31 00:49:53 (permalink)
Originally posted by Pigiron

I sincerely hope you don't eat like that very often.

Yea, for god's sake man, get some eggs and hashbrowns on that plate too :)
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