Big Red Vanilla Float

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2009/01/06 23:59:29 (permalink)

Big Red Vanilla Float

Anyone tried this yet?  I found it at a gas station in Huntersville, NC on my way back to New England.  I'm a huge Big Red fan but had never seen this strain...and have never since.

I wondered how Big Red would taste with vanilla flavor added -- just like it sounds.  The combo is a bit much; I wanted the vanilla taste to be mellower but it ends up overwhelming the mix a bit.  Interesting overall, but I wouldn't buy it a second time.    Chris


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    Re:Big Red Vanilla Float 2009/01/07 00:16:38 (permalink)
    Hi Chris,

    Did you drink it out of the bottle or over ice?  It might be better over a lot of ice.

    I don't think we get ig Red out West.

    I always thought Big Red was Cream Soda which I've always thought was vanilla.

    Wouldn't that be Redundant?

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    Re:Big Red Vanilla Float 2009/01/07 09:03:55 (permalink)
    Hey Marlene, I had it out of the bottle -- you're right, I should've tried it over ice.

    Actually, I've bought regular Big Red in the Valley at an Arco AM/PM station; I'll ask Amy which one.  But yeah, it is red cream soda, very similar to Big K brand red cream soda from Kroger grocery store (those of you lucky enough to have Kroger in your area, take heed).  But now it tastes overly vanilla, like semi-artificial.    Chris
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    Re:Big Red Vanilla Float 2009/01/07 11:33:51 (permalink)

       You've got the priority backwards on the Mainstream "Big Red" The generic and supermarket versions are take-offs on the immensely popular Southern Soda "Big Red". It tastes like Bubble-Gum Soda to me, not a favorite now, but for awhile some years back it was my favorite drink-of-choice!!
    My secretary a the college here in SoIndiana used to come to work every day with a Big-Gulp of Fountain Big Red from the local convenience store!!

       When I first returned to SoCal back in 1986 I used the 'Soda Wars' as a study lesson in my Economics classes. I would purchase some Big Red at the local supermarket..2 liters were all they stocked.. and offer samples of the soda to students who had never ventured beyond Coke or Pepsi. I had photos of Big Red Vending Machines and video of Big Red commercials that introduced the soda to classes as a regional competitor in the market share battle.  Later (in the early 90's we started to find the Big Red individual bottles (16-20 oz) in the "discount tubs and coolers" of the ARCO AM/PM's and other convenience store chains. It tends to compete with the Dad's and A&W Root Beers and Sunkist orange...and of course the FAYGO and SHASTA Western Brands.

      I agree the Vanilla Version (in all soda brands that I have tried) just doesn't make a good drink. I don't care for Vanilla Coke or Pepsi either!

       Thanks for stirring up some memories for me!
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