Blueberry Burgers...yeech

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2003/08/03 18:16:02 (permalink)

Blueberry Burgers...yeech

I weigh in with a big "thumbs down" on this one. I like blueberries, and I like burgers, but never the twain shall meet in my stomach. I'm a believer that even blueberry bagels are an abomination: this goes too far:

Berry burgers -- next school lunch fad?
Sunday, August 3, 2003 Posted: 1:53 AM EDT (0553 GMT)

Beth Bernier, a Food Science and Human Nutrition graduate student at the University of Maine, works with making a wild blueberry concentrate that can be added to ground beef.


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WASHINGTON (AP) -- It seems as weird as green and purple ketchup, and sounds like a culinary invention by a college student who mixed leftovers from the refrigerator. But scientists who developed the blueberry burger hope that it will one day be a common sight in school cafeterias, supermarkets and restaurants.

The unlikely marriage of blueberries with the hamburger is the latest fruit-and-meat combination created by food researchers.

Cherries and prunes also have been blended into hamburger, ground turkey and chicken to help soften dry meat.

Al Bushway, a food scientist at the University of Maine, said his laboratory has two purposes in stirring blueberry puree or blueberry powder into beef, chicken and turkey patties: boosting the nutritional value of the classic burger and helping farmers improve their berry sales.


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    RE: Blueberry Burgers...yeech 2003/08/03 18:20:28 (permalink)
    Blueberry Burgers? Not for me. Bluberry most things is ok with me. Guess some people really go for the prune burgers!
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    RE: Blueberry Burgers...yeech 2003/08/03 20:34:10 (permalink)
    First of all, blueberries are more expensive than hamburger meat, and secondly you are adding sugar and carbs, which can mess with diabetics and Beverly Hills preschoolers already on the Atkins diet!
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    RE: Blueberry Burgers...yeech 2003/08/27 22:15:25 (permalink)
    I love blueberries and know they are healthy for you but combining them with hamburger just doesn't compute. As far as I'm concerned, never the twain shall meet (or is that meat!)
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    RE: Blueberry Burgers...yeech 2003/08/28 01:37:17 (permalink)
    If you were locked away in Orono (OH NO!) Maine, you too might be contemplating suggestive ways to use blueberries in your meat!
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    RE: Blueberry Burgers...yeech 2003/08/28 02:03:30 (permalink)
    From what I hear, it takes an astonishingly small quantity of berries by weight to spike the burgers; almost a trace level of carbs.

    Given the current hysteria over cooking beef past well done, it's probably not the dumbest idea ever. I've seen sensory panel data on the projects, and it's pretty impressive; much more so than the seaweed gels, oatmeal or anything else that has been done to perk up Bad Ground Beef.

    Of course, 80% lean chuck, fresh ground, is hard to beat.

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    RE: Blueberry Burgers...yeech 2014/09/06 20:59:25 (permalink)
    Well, I suppose it will have to be tried once to see............but I don't give it much hope  I often mix in onion and mushrooms to my burgers before grilling(along with spices).  Tried bacon a few times but it is much better if at least partially if not fully cooked unless you are going for medium well (which sort of defeats the whole thing)  Easier to just put the bacon on top
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