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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2007/11/12 22:53:58 (permalink)
Boar's Head for roast beef, YES. Also, Thumann's low-sodium roast beef (not their other roast beef varieties) is pretty good, though not as good as Boar's Head. I like Plainville's unsalted turkey breast the best for that item. Most cold cuts are far oversalted, blech.

Just keep away those horrible shiny, pressed-beef cuts that the stores pass off as "roast beef". I'd rather have one thin slice of Boar's Head than a pound of the cheap crap.
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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2007/11/13 16:14:53 (permalink)
Ok, I love Boars Head -especially the Pesto Parm Ham....just moved to S Jersey Shore (Ocean View) does anyone know where to get down here? found one Deli at beach but closed for winter....

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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2007/11/13 20:40:43 (permalink)

Ouch. That is Dietz & Watson/Black Bear territory down there. Try calling Boars Head customer service at 888-884-2627. Their local distributor should be able to tell you who sells it down there. Stop and Shop supermarkets sell Boars Head, if you can find one near you. Acme, Super Fresh, Shop Rite are all D&W shops.
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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2007/12/07 19:28:52 (permalink)
Boar's Head is dominant in the Orange, Ulster and Dutchess county areas of New York.
Shop Rite does sell Dietz & Watson, Black Bear and Black Forest brands.

Super Stop & Shop and Adam's Fair Acre Farms are the only super markets that I know of that offer Boar's Head Meats. There are of course dozens of delis and pizza joints that offer Boar's Head over Thumans and Dietz & Watson.

Someone earlier mentioned that Boar's Head Roast Beef was burned and dry, could it be possible that some new Wanna-Be deli owner cooked an already cooked roast beef? Don't forget some places do cook their own roasts so it is possible that they offer both?

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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2010/06/02 23:43:30 (permalink)
Harris Teeter switch from Dietz & Watson to Boar's Head this week. The deli here at the East Capital Hill location said they switched two days ago.

I didn't find their prices any higher than Dietz & Watson, and from the few things I sampled, I was impressed. The bologna had a good german bologna flavor and the salami and prosciutto were excellent. The prosciutto was less expensive than D&W, and someone earlier mentioned $8/lb American Cheese. Here in DC it's ~$5/lb - both white and yellow. (although, I RARELY order american cheese -so it doesn't make a difference to me.)

From the selection I saw, this appears to be a good change. Not that I hate D&W or anything, but so far Boar's Head seems better.

Michael Hoffman
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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2010/06/03 04:37:14 (permalink)
I love their Cajun style turkey. Oh, and the Boars Head kielbasa is pretty darned good, too.
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RE: Boars Head Cold Cuts! 2010/06/03 06:39:36 (permalink)
The Boar's Head meats and cheeses are available at my local Lowe's Foods here. I recently tried their Tavern ham - very lean and great taste. I often will try whatever is on sale that week. Have never been disappointed.
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