Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wisconsin

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2006/03/24 21:58:48 (permalink)

Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wisconsin

It was announced this week in the Kenosha News that Bob Chinn's Crab House would be opening in down town Kenosha. The location is two blocks west of the new Kenosha Harbor.

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    RE: Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wisconsin 2006/03/26 10:11:06 (permalink)
    Is it a good place? Does it have another location?
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    RE: Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wisconsin 2006/03/26 16:13:57 (permalink)
    Bob Chinn's original location is in Wheeling, Illinois on Milwaukee Avenue. They share this unofficial "restaurant row" with the likes of Le Francais; once touted as the best restaurant in the United States, and Don Roth's; a restaurateur who made his name with The Blackhawk Restaurant, a renowned old time steak house and home of the "spinning salad bowl", down in Chicago's Loop. Although there has been a steady stream of other eateries, these three have the most longevity and prominence.

    As a point of interest, it was revealed a few years ago that, Morrie and Florrie, the owners of Superdawg, own a chunk of property between Bob Chinn's and Le Francais. For a short time there were some delightful rumors conjuring up images of a brand new neon cathedral to the tube steak sitting between these two upscale foodie powerhouses. The more devious among us imagined a Friday night vintage car rally, with souped up V-8 engines gunning away as the Mercedes, BMWs, and Lexuses nervously pulled in and out of the surrounding parking lots. However, as of this writing, ground has not been broken.

    Getting back to Bob Chinn's; while the actual food quality and preparation has been open to debate, with rabid fans and detractors, Chinn's has been one of the top three grossing restaurants in the country almost since its inception. For several years in a row they were THE top grossing restaurant. Typically there are long lines with waits up to two hours or more. They have expanded the restaurants square footage and parking capacity at least three times that I am aware of.

    I have eaten there twice; both times the food was good. My daughter goes there on a semi regular basis with her boyfriend and his family. I know others who go on a weekly basis. Meanwhile there are some who feel Bob's is all hype and no substance. They say the preparation relies more on garlic and other seasonings than the actual quality of the seafood.

    Bob Chinn's arrival in Kenosha should be interesting. As chicagostyledog will attest, Kenosha is a real mixed economic bag; ranging from the very wealthy to the near impoverished. On the other hand, Wheeling's economic makeup is mostly blue collar, with no strong upper class population to support it, or the other high end restaurants around it. I suspect that the Kenosha location, like the one in Wheeling, will rely on a draw from surrounding cities.

    As I replied in a different thread announcing Bob Chinn's arrival in Kenosha, if they achieve the same popularity in Wisconsin that they've got here in Illinois, get in line now!

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    RE: Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wisconsin 2007/06/08 23:11:05 (permalink)
    Do we have an opening date yet?
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    RE: Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wisconsin 2007/06/09 03:38:20 (permalink)
    Yes, never.
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