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RE: Bologna 2003/05/28 17:39:25 (permalink)
I have not had balogna in many years due to dietary restrictions. I recall when I was very young and had a paper route that required me to deliver papers after school. that was when Knoxville's main paper was an evening paper. Mom packed my lunch for school which was a balogna and cheese sandwich on white with mayo and a extra double balogna with mayo for the paper route. I carried a lunch box which was metal and a thermos bottle that kept my milk cold. I cannot drink milk anymore due to a visit to a buddy of mine's dairy. Sorta turned me off.

She also packed me on occasion balogna and cheese on plain crackers. At the time, it was gourmet for this young business entrapeneur.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Bologna 2003/05/28 21:01:20 (permalink)
Ulrich's and Intveld's are the bologna purveyors on the square in Pella IA. Although Intvelds sells sandwiches at their butcher shop, most locals believe the Ulrich product to be far superior. Sliced, fried bologna with gouda cheese on a Pella bakery bun, heated in the oven until the cheese melts is a dutch treat!
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RE: Bologna 2003/05/28 21:09:21 (permalink)
BBQ Barney: Regional dialects are driving me crazy on this web site. Where I grew up, here in New York state, a "dutch treat" means that I invite you out for dinner and you are expected to pay for your dinner! I gather that to you, in the midwest, a "dutch treat" is something that is really a delight.
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RE: Bologna 2003/05/29 21:07:02 (permalink)

Pella is a like a restored Dutch town--so from where I live 50 miles away, any good food from that town is a Dutch treat. M. Stern has written of this town's food now and then so I got carried away thinking everyone knew about a small Iowa town---oops!
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RE: Bologna 2003/06/03 12:12:40 (permalink)
At my local (Geneva, Il.) farmers market last Sunday, I had the chance to try Lebanon Bologna from Pa. Wow, now I understand why you like it! The stand was operated by Inglenook Pantry, a Geneva restaurant that features Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. The owners drive back to Pa. every week to buy meat, relishes etc. I haven't eaten there in a few years, the food is wonderful but very very rich. I'm sure their creamy and good mushroom soup has a zillion calories of butter and cream in it but oh so comforting.
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RE: Bologna 2003/06/11 09:37:55 (permalink)
Sundancer is right on. I grew up in Lancaster and head back to the markets whenever I visit. The bologna I grew up with is called sweet bologna, similar in color to Lebanon bologna, but with a sweeter, less tangy flavor. It looks like a large summer sausage, but is generally sliced thin for sandwiches. If you get to the meat markets early, you can ask for the bologna ends, which are the last hunks out of the casing, too small for sandwiches, but very tasty as a snack. They also make a bologna salad out of the bologna and mayo and relish - it's great as a spread or sandwich also. Weaver's, Groff's, Baum's, are local meat markets near Lancaster. Ask for the ring bologna. It is great as a snack with cheese and crackers especially with some Long's fresh horseradish which will bring tears to your eyes. Now I have to get back there soon to fill up my freezer. Yum.
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RE: Bologna 2003/06/18 11:04:10 (permalink)
The best bologna I've ever tasted was from Rudolph's Market in Deep Ellum in Dallas. It was superb.
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RE: Bologna 2003/06/18 18:26:54 (permalink)
Roy, Lone Star was asking on another thread a few weeks ago if there was any good bologna in Texas (made in Texas). I didn't think there was. Do you know if Rudolph's will ship?
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RE: Bologna 2003/07/12 22:04:10 (permalink)
I know I'm a little late for this whole discussion, but I would have to say that Kutztown bolonga is the best! Growing up in Lebanon PA, my friends and I would take a slice of bolonga, smear it with mayo, roll it up, and eat it as a snack. Hehe, our parents hated it though, but it tasted SOOOO good! We would always have to do it while they weren't paying attention. I realize now how unhealthy it really was, but I still kind of miss it!
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RE: Bologna 2003/07/12 22:26:24 (permalink)
I have to add my voice in praise of Lebanon Bologna. In the years before I was born, my parents live in PA and became fans of the stuff. We would visit Pennsylvania on vacations and always get it - to this day, my folks will pack a cooler with it before heading home. They came across at least three, as I recall, different levels of sweet/spiciness, all of which I enjoyed, so I didn't bother differentiating too much. The local Stop and Shop carries Lebanon Balogna - I'm not really sure what brand - which I am very grateful for, even though I don't buy much deli meat these days.
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