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2006/06/19 01:38:49 (permalink)

Book Sale

I've got about 150 books that I've read and now its time to get rid of them. I've sold a few on Amazon but that almost cost me more then I made. I sure don't know how people make any money from there selling for 01 cent. Amazon's fees can eat you alive.

I've decided to hold a book yard sale but don't know what price I should ask for. I won't bother for a quarter but is 2 bucks too much to ask for a paperback? Something with a list price of 8 bucks.

Have any of you had a book sale recently? What was a good selling price?

Amazon may list a book for 1 cent but you still have to add on 3.49 for shipping.


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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 02:32:44 (permalink)
    Around here in yard sales, most paperbacks go for no more than 50 cents. Hardcovers go for $1 to $2.

    Me, I don't buy them if they're more than that, and rarely at that price (which is pretty high end). For the most part, 4/$1 on paperbacks and 2/$1 on hardcovers.
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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 05:17:55 (permalink)
    One of my biggest fears is if I ever had to move is the book problem. Over 300 cook books some as early the late 1700s, biographys,general history,two full sets of law books, and the general novels. There is a new company in this area advertising that they will come to your home and purchace your used books, it appears to be a national chain operation with an 800 number. Next time I see the add I will post it here or e-mail you. You may be able to donate them to Morgan Memmorial, or The Salvation Army and get a tax wright off. I see many used book sellers in Morgeys buying loads of books, so there is a market for them. There is a lady that sets up at Brimfield, all she sells is cook books, she dose a land office business. Chow Jim
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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 06:37:50 (permalink)

    Near my house, a local charity runs a bookshop that deals exclusively in used books. Rather than going through the hassle of running a yard sale that may not actually dispose of all of your books, I suggest that you look for a charity-operated used book store, and donate all of your unwanted books to them.

    Before I go to the bookshop, I print an "inventory" of the books, and when I go to the bookshop, I have them sign my inventory list, and stamp the store's name and the date on it, in order to verify that they received my books. The bookstore personnel suggested that I value them as:

    .50 for small paperbacks
    1.00 for large-format paperbacks
    1.50-2.00 for most hard covers
    2.00-3.00 for large-format (coffee table size) hardcovers

    To me, this is a hassle-free way of disposing of unwanted books, while simultaneously helping a charity. In addition, this donation is a tax-deductible charitable contribution when April 15th rolls around!
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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 06:40:57 (permalink)
    150 books? I have that many on one shelf..ok maybe 2 shelves. yard sales I seldom pay more than a quarter per book, but will go 2 bucks at the used book guy in the flea market or salvation army
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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 09:25:50 (permalink)
    Our Friends of the Library group holds a one week used book sale each year. This year, we netted $35,000+. Our prices are as follows:

    Paperbacks: 50 cents or 5/$2.00, unless published within the last three years, list price over $12.00 and totally uncreased spine - then $1.00

    Hard cover fiction:
    Prior to 1980 - 50 cents
    1980-2002 - $1.00 (50 cents if in sloppy condition)
    2003-2006 - $2.00 ($3.00 if an 'in demand' title, like "Marley and Me")

    Similar prices for non-fiction

    Coffee table books and new expensive cookbooks - $2.00 to $4.00

    All the books are donated by members of the community during a 3-week drop-off period (we issue tax deduction forms) and you have no idea how grateful we are for them. Besides the fund raising aspect, it's exciting to see someone's old books find a new home.
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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 09:50:14 (permalink)
    We have taken books to the Goodwill Store, they in turn sell them for 50 cents to a dollar but you get the benefit of a tax deduction. Library book sales is another, both go to a good cause.
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    RE: Book Sale 2006/06/19 11:02:25 (permalink)
    My Wife reads constantly and shops at used book sellers that give a trade-in value. In our old neighborhood it was a charity thrift shop, but in our new town she's got an Annie's Book Stop. Only problem she's had is picking out a bag of paperbacks only discover she's read some, so she now puts her own mark on the cover before she turns them in.
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