Boston area hot dogs

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2003/05/27 12:26:32 (permalink)

Boston area hot dogs

Here is an article running today on describing some local hot dog haunts, and some interesting international variants on the theme. Sadly, I can attest to none of the places, as I've never tried them. But, I will put them on my "to eat" list. Anyone out there tried any of them?


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    Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2003/05/27 13:15:00 (permalink)
    This is a recycled article.

    I have tried Spike's Junkyard Dogs - Huge dogs, not really my style. I won't be returning.

    If anyone can tell me where you can find charcoaled grilled dogs in Boston - please pass the info along. Sausage at Santarpios is the closest I can find.

    John Fox
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2003/05/27 21:29:00 (permalink)
    You can find charcoal grilled franks at Boston Speed's located at 54 Newmarket Square. I've never been there, but heard it is the best dog in Boston and one of the best anywhere.
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2003/05/29 16:27:30 (permalink)
    I remember Simco's and Joe & Nemo from when I was a kid growing up in JP (Jamaica Plain, for the uninitiated). I haven't been to Simco's in probably 25 years, but it was always pretty good, as was Joe & Nemo before it closed. I live west of Boston, now, and should mention 2 places that are on my dog list now, but also have been around for quite some time. First is Casey's in Natick, which is tiny and not easy to find (look behind the fire station on E. Central St) but does a very good grilled dog in the required new england top sliced bun. I also like Hot Dog Annie's, a Worcester legend, on Rt. 56 (Paxton Rd.) in Leicester. The dogs are good and very inexpensive, they have plenty of differnt condiments and its in a really nice wooded area. If you're west of Boston, try them out.

    Lucky Bishop
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2003/06/09 00:39:38 (permalink)
    I live just a few blocks from the Boston location of Spike's Junkyard Dogs (corner of Brighton and Linden in Allston), and I'm quite fond of them. The dogs are meaty and flavorful, with just a hint of grease, and the toppings are impressively varied. (I find that no matter what I order, it's improved by a few spoonfuls of the hot pepper relish.) My one quibble is that the buns are of the crusty Italian bread variety; they're not bad, but I'm a proponent of yer basic hot dog bun.

    On the plus side, the place is scrupulously clean, and they even have a metal sink in the seating area (a la a good Texas barbecue place) to wash up in after. The house label root beer's not bad, either, and neither are the baked beans.
    Junior Burger
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2003/06/09 17:21:40 (permalink)
    Casey's in Natick-grilled dogs?-I remember then as being boiled/steamed from a copper pot on the stove-am i wrong?
    Hot Dog Annie's has a reputation for their BBQ sauce (w/onions)on dogs.
    Try George's Coney Island dogs in Worcester-great chili dogs.
    Or Kelly's Raost Beef in Framingham (any of their locations)on Rt. 9.
    Recently went to the Dog House, Rt. 101W in Wilton,NH (west of Nashua),great home made rolls and great foot longs
    Leaf Pepper
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2003/07/07 17:56:40 (permalink)
    Spike's hot dog itself is really good, probably the best hot dog I've ever eaten. I can only imagine how fantastic it would taste grilled over charcoal.
    I think they should toast the roll with butter and the entire thing would be perfect. Failing that, I advise you get extra topping, whatever you fancy. Their house mustard is very spicy, very nice. The honey mustard is very mild, very nice, too. Curly fries not that great. Pickle spears, sauerkraut, swiss cheese have all been tried and enjoyed. But those dogs themselves are great. Two for most people would be a lot.
    Definitely a place to return to frequently. The open air bar restaurant a couple doors down looks good. The Asian bakery next door to Spike's looks amazing. Inbetween is a new age tea shoppe. That block hold something for everyone, but Spike's is my choice. Open til midnight, too, if I remember right, and LESS than 5 minutes from the Cambridge/Brighton exit on the Mass Pike. Not too many place to grab a quick satisfying meal after 10 p.m. around Boston or metro. Lots of pluses.
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    RE: Boston area hot dogs 2004/03/10 13:25:01 (permalink)
    For another "downtown" dog, try Code10 on Washington St. in the South End.
    Parking my be a bit tough-only streetside.
    Joe and Nemo's 2 locations on Cambrigde and Wahington Streets (next to Filene's-Downtown Crossing)are still going strong.
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