Bottled Water drying up

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RE: Bottled Water drying up 2008/07/22 10:52:20 (permalink)

After using both the Brita system and the Pur system, I can report that Pur-filtered water tastes considerably better than Brita-filtered water. Disagree if you wish, but I believe that Pur is simply a superior product.
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RE: Bottled Water drying up 2008/07/22 13:05:26 (permalink)
Originally posted by MilwFoodlovers
Since our 1993 local bout with Cryptosporidium, Milwaukee's water is second to none. Mrs MFL buys a case of bottled water a year to take while vacationing but otherwise I drink only our tap water.
I wouldn't be too sure after the recent floods. It got to be too much for MMSD, but what Bellicose Belling and His Hypocrite Brigade fail to see, or, more likely, to report is that there's a very simple solution to even this seemingly unsolvable problem.


One of those people was me, who moved out of Milwaukee after the Brewers' Stay-dium went up, but that was due more to the death of my vote than the tax.
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RE: Bottled Water drying up 2008/07/23 10:01:00 (permalink)
Originally posted by leethebard

Originally posted by Jimeats

I did spring for the Brita water pitcher with a couple of filter cartridges.
The big difference for me is the ammount of water I'm now consuming at home.
It's so handy having it ice cold on my refrigerator door that I find I'm drinking a lot more water than I use to.
Filters can become expensive, but I found a way around that.
So overall a good investment and now I just but the occaisonal cheap case of water for giveaways. Chow Jim

What's "the way around that"??
I'm told you can drill a hole in the filter, empty and rince,
then refill with fresh charcoal used in aquariums then cap it off.
I have yet to try this method, but it makes sence and a lot cheaper.
A neighbor dose it all the time with his filters in his water/ice despencer of his refrigerator. Chow Jim
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RE: Bottled Water drying up 2008/07/23 10:33:20 (permalink)
It is a good idea to filter tap water to remove the chlorine and other organic (containing carbon) matter that gives the water a bad taste. This is what the bottlers do, and restaurants should do it as well.

Some restuarant water is vile, but then again, they want to sell you beverages. Some areas have so much chlorine in their tap water you can taste it in a "fountain" soda, which is made on premises from tap water...and a huge profit item for restaurants. If so, insist they serve you a bottled drink.
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RE: Bottled Water drying up 2008/08/29 10:17:54 (permalink)
a cheap, easy carbon block filter is what i use to filter water.
an under-the-counter carbon block filter will do the same job and save counter space. these will remove chlorine and contaminants and get the "swimming pool" taste out of water.
read about all that in specifics here
and here
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RE: Bottled Water drying up 2008/08/29 11:19:25 (permalink)
Like WC Fields once said"I don't drink water, fish fornicate in it"
Clay Bell
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