Breakfast Sandwiches

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2004/12/16 22:15:37 (permalink)

Breakfast Sandwiches

I've been to over 600 diners and have sampled a variety of breakfast delicacies, some a bit lighter than others. I tend to shed my fear of all things artery-clogging when scanning the menu board and go with whatever seems intriguing or the house special.

The instant heart-attack called the Boot Mill Sandwich, found at Arthur's Diner in Lowell, MA is one of the heaviest, greasiest, and downright tastiest breakfast sandwiches you will ever find. Each bite knocks years off your life but darnit if there isn't a weekend line out the door for this mountain of carbs.

The Boot Mill consists of fried egg, cheese, home fries, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage on a grilled bulkie roll. Everything is slathered with butter. The roll is buttered and grilled on both sides and everything else is griled in butter. Lots of butter. The unique ingredient the home fries, which are part of the sandwich. It's a large greasy beast but if you ever find yourself in need of a shock to the system, grab one of these tasty monuments.

Arthur's has been in business for more than 50 years and this is their most famous creation. Yummy.

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    Rick F.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/16 23:46:56 (permalink)
    The Boot Mill Sandwich is frightening at first sight; but actually, I tthink it's just that I've never been able to grasp the idea of french fries in rather than with a sandwich. And I'd leave the cheese off and add ungrilled onion. Now, that's my idea of a breakfast sandwich!
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/17 12:00:20 (permalink)
    Hey, that sounds like my "Pennsylvania Dutch Classic"- Egg, provolone, bacon, home fries on a toasted kaiser roll. I named it in honor of the Kumme Esse Diner in Meyerstown, PA. The best diner breakfast sandwich I had there was basically an Egg McMuffin but with real eggs, a ham steak flopping over the sides and a non-rubber English muffin. Great on-premises cakes and pies too.
    Michael Hoffman
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/17 12:15:42 (permalink)
    I'm a simple guy when it comes to breakfast sandwiches. I like a (hot) sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on wheat toast with mayonnaise. Actually, I like two of them, and I like hashbrowns with them.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/17 12:44:52 (permalink)
    My fiancee and I are addicted to our "Sunday Breakfast" sandwich which consists of a fried egg, bacon, and Cheeze Whiz on a toasted buttered bagel. It's too good tasting and too bad for you to eat more than once a week.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/17 13:08:55 (permalink)
    There used to be a place in Monterey, CA. called D'ambrosio's. They used to serve omelet sandwichs that were irresistible. Big, wide, flat omelets with your choice of fillings on a toasted, mayo'd, soft bun, so the fillings would'nt fall out when you ate them. D'ambrosio's is long gone but I make some good replicas for my sons.
    They can't get enough of them.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/18 03:41:14 (permalink)
    I dont care for eggs personally so my favorite breakfast sandwich would be a good toasted bagel with ham, bacon, sausage, and cheese. Homefries on the side.

    I honestly do enjoy the sausage and cheese mcgriddles from the golden arches though.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/18 19:14:40 (permalink)
    My two favorite breakfast sandwiches were in different areas of NJ where I grew up.The first one was off a lunch truck in S.Kearney that used to be in front of the rail yard where I worked about 18 years ago.The guy who owned it was Greek,and he would cook up a big batch of bacon and put his exhaust fan on and you could smell it a mile away,he would put about 6 or 7 strips of crispy bacon,two eggs,on top of a fresh Portugese rollThey were so good I would sometimes order 2(you could do that and not think twice when your 22!)The second was a taylor ham and cheese on a buttered and toasted roll at a place in Carteret called Burger Express.They would slice the taylor ham thin and cook it till it was crispy,then put cheese on top and put it on the grilled buttered roll and they were good!!!I have never
    ordered that sandwich anywhere but there.That place was a regular stop,especially after a night of bar hopping(it was a 24 hour place).
    Tony Bad
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/18 21:12:06 (permalink)
    Practically any deli in the NY City area will have among its breakfast options a "Hungry Man" or equivalent sandwich. These will have eggs, cheese, bacon, ham, and (not or) sausage, and potatoes on a hero roll. Usually it is about $4 or $5 with coffee or OJ. Used to have one almost every day until I found out my cholesterol level was in the same range as a darn good bowling score...rats.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/20 04:03:08 (permalink)
    When my chef colleagues and I are hung over (WHAT? US?? Hung over? Nah!) we usually fix the following: a BIG gob of cream cheese on a flour tortilla topped with scrambled egg, bacon and shredded cheddar. Perks you right up and you're ready for another 18-hour day!
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/20 10:24:19 (permalink)
    lleechef, I just made your sandwich after reading your post,my God, a wonder of self-indulgence to say the least!! I thank you for shortening my life a bit
    as to my previous favorite, you can't beat a Taylor Ham(sliced thickly!) w/ two runny eggs on a Kaiser roll(seeded) w/ ketchup and a bit of hot sauce
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/20 11:26:55 (permalink)
    I wonder, lleechef, if you've given up a trade secret. My best friend is a NECI grad and does corporate chef work for Morgan/Chase. Anyway, when he returned from Vermont, he'd make your hangover cure for his kitchen staff at the cafe he worked at (first post-schooling job). He lauded it's "restorative properties", and his haggard, bleary-eyed troops marveled at how much better this made them feel.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/22 12:17:54 (permalink)
    Golly gee.reading this one might get the impression that cooks and alcohol are inimately tied together!!! NAH---couldnt be--we all know that those wonderful folks in the kitchen are full of sweetness and light and cant wait to get off thier shift and go home and bake cookies for the nieghborhood kiddies! I know i did all during my cooking career---that is when i wasnt moonlighting as a bartender!
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/22 13:29:37 (permalink)
    You are not permitted to graduate from culinary school unless you can swiftly and properly make this breakfast sandwich otherwise your cooks will rally against you and you'll be out of a job! WHAT??? Kitchen staff and alcohol intimately tied together?? NEVER!
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/22 21:09:45 (permalink)
    Whatever happened to egg salad?

    Boil "at least" 8-10 eggs
    Cook up a big mess of crisp bacon
    Dice eggs or mash through 1/4th inch grid (Chicken wire NOT appropriate!)
    Cut bacon into "reasonable" size
    Combine with a little mayo, salt & pepper; perhaps a bit of mustard
    Better yet, use a heapin' load of "Durkee's Famous Sauce"
    Combine all & adjust seasonings, if necessary
    Put in 'fridge to "marinate"; at least 4 hrs
    Serve later
    Good on about anything from Ritz crackers to toasted bread.

    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2004/12/22 21:14:37 (permalink)
    It is true, as a chef one might lose some good line cooks if one can't provide a good hangover breakfast. Cream cheese in a flour tortilla with meat of some kind and salsa fresca is always a favorite. A good breakfast sandwich for my staff was carnitas from the carniceria across the street on warm teleras rolls with sour cream, quesa fresca and a very fiery serrano salsa. And because we worked in a restaurant that specialized in tapas and mezzes, we always had pita, scrambled eggs, yogurt and hot turkish chile sauce.That was a good waker upper. Looking back just a few years, we had hangover breakfast quite often! Always between some sort of bread.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/13 10:16:14 (permalink)
    My favorite hangover cure:
    NYC Everthing Bagel buttered
    Irish Bacon
    Cream Cheese
    Xtra large coffee!
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/15 08:50:45 (permalink)
    Just give me a Fried Baloney and egg Sandwich and leave me alone!
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/15 17:51:27 (permalink)
    The only breakfast sandwich I have a real weakness for is from Wawa. They call a breakfast sandwich in there a "Sizzli" (I know I don't!)The only one I like is a sausage, egg & cheese on a biscuit. No bagel, no bacon, no muffin. Has to be the sausage and has to be the biscuit. And I always get heartburn from it and I'm always sorry I ate it, but I just can't help it, I tell ya. One thing I like is that they're right next to the register under "that light", but they're never under "that light" for more than a few minutes. And I can tell! These sandwiches go very, very quickly in most any Wawa I go to. If you have time it's even better to wait for it while they make it.

    Oh, lord. No wonder I get heartburn. Look at the nutritional info on this...I tried to "image" the actual label on the site, but it wouldn't let me, so I copied & pasted it.

    Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit
    Nutrition Information
    Serving Size: Sandwich (142 gms)

    Amount Per Serving Calories: 515 Oh, my G-d!!

    Calories from Fat: 306
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat: 34 (fainting)Gram 52.31%
    Saturated Fat: 11 Gram 55.00%
    Cholesterol: 200 MG 66.67%
    Sodium: 1555 MG 64.79% oh my...I have no comment
    Total Carbohydrate: 37 Gram 12.33%
    Dietary Fiber: 1 Gram 4.00%
    Sugars: 4 Gram
    Protein: 18 Gram
    Vitamin A: 61.62% Vitamin C: 0%
    Calcium: 32.75% Iron: 13.33%

    Biscuit, Egg Patties, Sausage Patties, American Cheese, Biscuit/Muffin Wrap

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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/15 19:24:38 (permalink)
    Peameal bacon sandwich in the market in Toronto
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/15 19:47:09 (permalink)
    I used to eat a great breakfast sandwich in Coppell, TX, at the Coppell Deli. The Nate's Special I think that was the name) was named after Nate Newton of the Dallas Cowboys who ate there all the time.

    It's a big sandwich with bacon, sausage, egg, and cheese on Texas Toast. We always put Tabasco on it, and it was delicious.

    My friends up there say it's still served, though I haven't had one in years.
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/16 08:21:33 (permalink)

    When McDonalds came up with the original Egg Mcmuffin breakfast sandwich back in the '60's, it was their only breakfast offering for a short while until they decided that an expanded breakfast menu was a good idea.

    We ALL KNOW by now that everything on McD's menu has changed over time in terms of taste and content. This is not meant to start a discussion or debate over that.

    Here's the way I like to make my own version of that breakfast sandwich:

    1. A Thomas' english muffin.
    2. A fried egg (in egg ring with yolk broken).
    3. A slice of American cheddar cheese.
    4. A thin slice of country ham
    5. Real butter

    Slather with melted butter, and toast the split Thomas' English muffin face down on the griddle (or in iron frying pan) 'til golden.

    Fry the egg in the ring, turning once and breaking the yolk (cook to your preferred hardness).

    Build the sandwich:

    Place the slice of cheese on the bottom muffin half. Next the egg. Then the ham slice. Top with the other muffin half.

    That's it. I don't add any other condiments, but you can try adding some Duke's mayo (I know, I know...). That makes the whole thing sort of an Eggs Benedict sandwich.


    Junior Burger
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/16 11:27:22 (permalink)
    I have to put in a vote for my FFR guilty pleasure; the Sourdough Breakfast sandwich at Burger King. Two round slices of (what they claim to be) sourdough bread, lightly-grilled and dripping with something which may be butter, around a surprisingly flavorful sausage patty, a typical FFR portion of egg, and a slice of gooey cheese-food. Cheap, too.
    I also love a sandwich of a toasted everything bagel stuffed with a mess of cream cheese and a lot of bacon, although for some reason it always seems like a less-healthy alternative. I don't know why; dead is dead, after all.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/16 11:46:42 (permalink)
    Originally posted by clambo
    Two round slices of (what they claim to be) sourdough bread, lightly-grilled and dripping with something which may be butter

    Cheap, too.

    But definitely isn't, as cheap and real butter aren't usually bedmates.

    Cheap and an oleaginous, rancid smelling butter stand-in are though.
    Fire Safety Admin
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/16 11:56:45 (permalink)
    Hardees sausage and bisquit does it for me. Their bisquits are the best and the sausage is slightly spicy. I know that many do not consider this group the best but they do bisquits well. You can get two in Knoxville for $2.06 including tax. I always get extra grape jelly to go along with the sandwich.

    Paul E. Smith
    Knoxville, TN
    TJ Jackson
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/16 12:10:50 (permalink)
    I'm with Paul about the hardee's biscuits.

    I know the place is laughable at best as a roadfood stop by reputation, but if you haven't had one of their breakfast biscuits, you don't know what you are missing. I won't sit here and claim they are world class quality, but they are darn good and cheap. When Hardees was still operating in Cincinnati (every location in greater Cincinnati locked their doors without notice a couple years back...the workers came in and culd not get in the doors, was a top news story that day locally) you could generally get the breakfast biscuit special of the day (either bacon ham or sausage plus egg and a slice of american) on a 2 for 2 dollar basis...mighty good cheap eatin'

    If I do get on the road and spot one of these during breakfast hours, I will slam on the brakes and pull on in.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Breakfast Sandwiches 2005/01/16 13:13:56 (permalink)
    Did it ever come out as to why the sudden closure of all those stores?
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