Breyers Ice Cream

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RE: Breyers Ice Cream 2005/07/20 09:30:36 (permalink)
All the Breyer's is on sale at our local Winco(cub foods) for $1.98. This is well below the $2.98 usual "special" price, and in fact is below the regular ice cream. It made me wonder if something is going on with the brand name. They seem to be the only premium brand to make a neopolitan, so I would not like seeing them fade into the sunset.
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RE: Breyers Ice Cream 2005/07/21 19:32:39 (permalink)
Originally posted by PaulBPool

Oh yes, by the way, Unilever purchased Ben & Jerry's about two years ago and guess what? Yep, their penny pinching ways have started to infiltrate into that product as well. Sad, really.

Im shocked that they bought Ben & Jerry's - wow i just purchased 3 pints and was thinking of the time i was at the B&J tourist trap up in Vermont and how delicious it was back then - of course what we buy now probably has been sitting is some warehouse for a few weeks so the taste may not be as fresh - I sure hope they dont mess with success!
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RE: Breyers Ice Cream 2005/07/25 02:31:56 (permalink)
Originally posted by Rustywolf

Why in Heaven's name doesn't Breyer make pistachio ice cream? Also, butter almond is my favorite, but it's impossible to find here in Michigan. - Rusty

Sherman's Ice Cream makes Pitachio Ice Cream, If You live South of Muskegon and west of Lansing, it is easy to find Sherman's Ice Cream.

Here's their link:
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RE: Breyers Ice Cream 2007/07/28 18:15:59 (permalink)
I think everyone is being too hard on Breyers. I too remember it back in the 60s - it was dense, completely natural, and a source of pride for Philadelphians. Although it doesn't live up to its lofty standard of the past, it can still be very good. For example, many on this board have complained about the "unnaturalness" of the contemporary Breyers. However, the brand is temperamental - when any of the vanilla flavors are fresh at the market, they are superb. The inconsistencies in the way the ice cream rolls onto the scoop lead me to believe that the product is still very natural, unlike Blue Bell and Blue Bunny. Today I bought a carton of Natural Vanilla. I first saw the display last evening, and being totally obsessed with ice cream, I couldn't get the picture of the Natural Vanilla container out of my head. It looked as though the carton had just been printed and filled. I went back today to buy it. What a treat - the ice cream was very flavorful, creamy, and easy to scoop. And for dieters (anyone who eats ice cream all the time) Breyers is on the cutting edge of production making ice cream bars that are flavorful, low cal, and fiber-enriched. We have to give them some credit. And for a full calorie experience, Breyers regular chocolate chip, despite the chocolate flavored chips which melt in your mouth much more easily than the old chocolate chips, nothing beats Breyers Chocolate Chip. If you are in the mood for Mint Chocolate Chip, look past the Breyers freeze to Dreyers. Dreyers Mint Chocolate Chip is superb.
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RE: Breyers Ice Cream 2007/07/28 20:30:32 (permalink)
Used to love their butter almond in NYC in the 70's. Can't find it any where else I've lived. Wonder if they still make it.
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