Breyers vs. Dreyers

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2007/03/18 02:17:25 (permalink)

Breyers vs. Dreyers

I don't remember the original Breyers very well. When I lived in eastern Pennsylvania it was just one of the choices. At that time there were several great brands--Hersheys, Abbotts, Lehigh Valley. Now that all the ice cream in the supermarket is made by Unilever and Nestles, save for Blue twins - Bell and Bunny - I'd go with Nestles' Dreyers/Eddy brand. Even at 10 or 11% fat, it is still more flavorful and creamier than Breyers - without the fish protein. Breyers mint chocolate chip hardly has any mint flavor. Dreyers chocolate ice cream is superior to Breyers' chocolate which often just breaks into pieces when you try to scoop it. Who are they kidding with that double churned gimmick? The best and most consistent Breyers product is the regular chocolate chip even with the pastic chocolate chips. With Haagen Dazs a Nestles product and Ben & Jerry's a Unilever, our good old fashioned US premium ice cream market has been taken over by European manufacturers and that's a shame. I hear the ice cream wars between the two mega-companies is fierce. A local brand has a difficult time getting freezer space these days and pays through the nose to do it.

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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/03/19 15:36:00 (permalink)
    Breyers Ice Cream went in the toilet when they sold out and left Philly. They used to have the best chocolate and vanilla ice cream. They now lack any flavor and just another bland ice cream just like Dryers.
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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/03/19 15:46:14 (permalink)
    My complaint with Breyers is that it has a very icy mouth-feel. I agree that it tends to break, rather than scoop. Some have said that this is because Dreyers uses additives that enhance the "creaminess". Personally, I prefer the creamy mouth-feel, regardless of how they do it.
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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/03/19 15:58:47 (permalink)
    I think Hood and Friendlys ice cream is better than Breyers, Breyers used to be good long ago but as the previous posts note it was lost.
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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/03/19 16:03:52 (permalink)
    Hey Cougar, Breyers, along with Good Humor, is also owned by Unilever. As I've posted here many times, my sister works for Unilever, and their corporate philosophy is to buy up high volume brands, cheapen all the ingredients to the max, run the product out 'til it's about done, then either sell it off, or fold it. It's all about the $$$$
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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/03/19 17:00:52 (permalink)
    Does anyone remember BREYERS ROASTED ENGLISH WALNUT ice cream? Used to be my favorite in college. Big flavorful toasted walnuts in surounded by creamy vanilla (richer than their regular vanilla. Havn't seen it since the '80s.
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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/03/19 17:33:50 (permalink)
    Here in NE PA we still have local people who make their own (supermarket half-gallon) ice cream! One of the best is Manning's, if you see that green carton, buy it!

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    RE: Breyers vs. Dreyers 2007/04/24 07:43:39 (permalink)
    as a kid, Bryers was great. Pretty bad now though. My local acme has a special this week--buy one get 2 free LOL! Can't give the stuff away.
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