Brits Ban Cheese from TV

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2007/01/02 21:18:18 (permalink)

Brits Ban Cheese from TV

The British Daily Mail reports:
TV ban on adverts for cheese, the latest 'junk food'
Cheese is to be treated as junk food under new advertising rules for children's television.

Commercials promoting it will be banned during children's TV programs and those with a large proportion of young viewers.

The rules, which come into force this month, are part of a Government drive to reduce children's exposure to foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

Much to the disgust of its makers, cheese is to be regarded in the same light as crisps, sugary cereals and cheeseburgers.

In fact, under the criteria used by the Food Standards Agency to determine junk foods, such products are actually regarded as healthier than cheese.

The ban follows evidence that TV commercials have an indirect influence on what children eat and are contributing to obesity in the young.

The Food Standards Agency model assesses the fat, sugar and salt content in a 100g or 100ml serving of food or drink.

But the British Cheese Board points out that a typical portion of cheese was 30 to 40g - not the 100g used in the agency's model.

Most cheese would be exempt from the ban if a typical portion had been used in the calculations, according to the board.

It pointed out that cheese was one of the most 'nutritionally complete' foods.

The National Farmers' Union described the decision as ' nannying gone mad'.

'To suggest there is anything inherently harmful about cheese is absurd,' spokesman Anthony Gibson said.

'There is no such thing as a bad food. It is just how much of it you eat, in what balance and how much exercise you take.'

He said the new rules were 'of no use to consumers', adding: 'It may very well put them off eating healthy things.'

Other foods banned from advertising during children's TV include: half-fat cheddar, Dairylea triangles, bran flakes, camembert, sugar-coated puffed wheat, instant hot oat cereal, Jaffa cakes, reduced calorie mayonnaise, multi-grain hoop cereal, half-fat creme fraiche, takeaway chicken nuggets, potato waffles, Greek yoghurt (from sheep's milk), ham, sausages, bacon rashers, low-fat spreads, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachio-nuts, peanut butter, raisins, sultanas, currants, low-fat potato crisps, olive oil, butter, pizza, hamburgers, tomato ketchup, chocolate, brown sauce, cola and lemonade.


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    RE: Brits Ban Cheese from TV 2007/01/02 22:01:09 (permalink)
    Bran flakes and raisins are hazardous to your health. I'm SO glad I won't be around in fifty years to see the madness that will have overtaken the world!
    Pat T Hat
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    RE: Brits Ban Cheese from TV 2007/01/02 22:38:59 (permalink)
    "Nannying Gone Mad!"" />! I love it!

    Yeah, what's up with the bran and the raisins? I can understand putting an end to commercials for bacon rashers, greek yogurt, and half fat creme fraiche during cartoon hour. Those crazy kids have no self control! Especially when it comes to sucking down the olive oil.

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    RE: Brits Ban Cheese from TV 2007/01/03 14:10:22 (permalink)

    if you had those standards here you would have no commercials on saturday morning cartoons!

    you would lose, coke, pepsi, mt dew, all fast food, all cereals, no more Mr Peanut, no choosy mom's choose JIF, no yippy skippy, no kool aid man, no snickers or 3 musketeers. No more Mickey D's, or KFC, No more "What do you wnat on your TOMBSTONE", No More farting Catsup bottles

    What the heck are they going to advertise, video games to rot your brain

    What is wrong with low fat potato chips and low fat dip???

    or raisins or currants, those were a staple in my lunch box for my school years??

    I am glad I live in a free country where I can watch mindless TV while eating stuff that will make me fat and rot my teeth.

    What is Tom & Jerry without Potato Chips and dip and a pepsi to wash it down

    Ok now that my blood pressure is up I will get off my soap box.... oh wait are soap boxes allowed??
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    RE: Brits Ban Cheese from TV 2007/01/03 14:56:33 (permalink)
    Originally posted by cajunking


    .... oh wait are soap boxes allowed??

    "Tis better to apologise than to ask permission"!!!
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    RE: Brits Ban Cheese from TV 2007/01/03 15:55:36 (permalink)
    Let the british starve and Wisconsin will resume its rightful place as cheese heaven to the world.
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    RE: Brits Ban Cheese from TV 2007/01/17 10:04:12 (permalink)
    This is just rediculous.
    I bet they still have McDonalds adverts on TV there though,seems they're supposed to be marketing "healthier options".
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