Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three...

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2007/10/01 17:38:18 (permalink)

Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three...

Here's the last set of pics (I swear!)...

My blue ribbon (everybody got one for participating)

I was "pie-drunk" after the Social and upon laying on a bench digesting all of the pie I had consumed, I looked up and saw this beautiful view...

DUMBO is a really great up and coming neighborhood. Very family friendly. This carousel is in a refurbished building just steps from Jacques Torres chocolate shop (reviewed here on Roadfood).

The Maple-Pumpkin pie I tried. Pretty good. Subtle maple flavor, graham cracker crust. Would have liked a bit more spice.

A slice of butterscotch pecan pie. Great texture, although I wonder how the butterscotch would have been melted into the pie instead of chips?

Overhead view of the Hoosier pie. the girl who made this is doing a "pie-a-thon" next month to raise money for low income cancer patients. Very righteous.

Another shot of the Hoosier Pie. Nice and custardy with an assertive nutmeg flavor. The graham cracker crust sealed the deal for me. It was somewhat caramelized and chewy from the baking. Now, if I can just get my graham cracker crust to come out like that, I'll rule the world!!

A nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The people in the chef's whites are local cooking students who made a variety of pies that day.
Including a "litterbox" pie that looked like a cat's litterbox that hadn't been changed yet. Interesting presentation, not sure exactly what was in it.

A slice of mashed potato pie. It had ham, broccoli and some other tasty ingredients in it. Hope to see more savory pies next year.

So many pies to choose from... This is where I bought the mashed potato pie from. I think it had a butter crust. Very flaky!

My pies sold out pretty quickly. Bittersweet, but I was happy and I really dug interacting with the people who came to try them. My girlfriend was a huge help with doling out the slices.

I think I'll try to do four pies next year. I need to work on making flakier crusts. I liked the ones I made, but I have had better crust before. Oh, I did try a Salmon pie that was very tasty and surprisingly mild for salmon. I also tried a leek and sausage pie that I had high hopes for (leek aren't used often enough, I think) but I found disappointing as it was breakfast sausage links and there was and herb/spice in the pie that was a very pronounced floral taste that dominated the pie.
I got to meet Chef Ron Silver, who is the chef at Bubby's Pie Co (who puts on the social each year) and he was very gracious. A great guy and I got to pick his brain for a bit. Also got to finally meet Dani Finkel, who I've been corresponding with by email for the past year. She coordinates the social and it was nice to put a face to the person.
I can't wait for next year's Social. I think I'l make a Sweet Potato Pecan Pie with my extra dough and pecans. Gotta prepare!

Hope you enjoy the pics!
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/02 02:01:36 (permalink)
    Damn fine looking pies, bb and looks like a really fun event. I enjoyed all the photos. What a great view of the Bridge and the City. Thanks!
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/02 10:23:05 (permalink)
    I agree. Your pies look wonderful. I am really impressed!
    John A
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/02 11:37:16 (permalink)
    Another great post BB, thank you.
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/02 15:38:29 (permalink)
    I know from firsthand experience, you are a great baker!....
    What a great write up and photos!..Looks like it was fun.
    ann peeples
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/02 19:43:55 (permalink)
    Butterscotch pecan pie??? I would give up my carbs and exercise for hours to have a piece of that!!
    mr chips
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/05 03:09:14 (permalink)
    Fotos magnificos. Me gustan sus articulos.
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    RE: Brooklyn Pie Social 2007 (with pics)-Part Three... 2007/10/07 14:59:03 (permalink)
    Your reports on this event were awesome, It looks like a great time was had by all.

    Have you started planning your next years pies??

    I make a great chocolate chess pie that I would gladly share the recipe with you. It would give you something different to make.

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