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2010/07/23 17:56:03 (permalink)


I have been watching way too much of the Travel Channel with Zimern and Bourdain.  Both shows have featured several restaruants in Brooklyn that are ethnic in nature..
Iwanago and Sudancer are considering a trip to Brooklyn to sample some of these ethnic restaurants.  Brooklyn is a very large city with a population of better than 2.5 million.  It would be impossible for us to attempt to find some of these fine ethnic restaurants on our own.  I have solicited some sources but it appears that may not pan out.  Perhaps a private guide would be best but I am really not sure where to turn to.
I would appreciate some input from out Roadfood friends would have some suggestions.  We are planning our trip around 10/7/10.
Thanks for your input.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/23 19:04:09 (permalink)
    My first two recommendations for Brooklyn would be

    DiFara for pizza (get the round, not the square)
    Luger's for a porterhouse for two plus a burger

    Had both, liked both a lot.

    I realize these are probably not the ethnic restaurants in question

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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/23 20:08:27 (permalink)
    A friend of mine had said to try Sally & George for middle eastern food. They liked Tanoreen also

    I have not tried either of them.
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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/23 21:58:58 (permalink)

    It is possible (though, unfortunately, not likely) that I will be up in the area at around the same time.  I would love to catch up with you and Roz, if that is workable.

    If you are looking for a private guide, your best bet is to contact your fellow moderator, Tony Bad.  He knows NYC very well.  Brooklyn is made up a lot of lot of different neighborhoods, so it is easy to make such a big area into a much smaller place (targeting Greenpoint, say, may yield a bunch of Polish places; while Bay Ridge - I think - is a little more traditionally Italian - still?).  You can also find a great number of ethnic restaurants in Queens along the #7 subway line. 

    Again, I would encourage Tony to chime in with some ideas.
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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/23 23:36:28 (permalink)
    I was in Brooklyn last weekend with my son and his girlfriend who live in Flatbush.  We went to Brighton Beach for Russian food and had a great time - Primorski Restaurant on Brighton Beach Avenue

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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/24 01:26:55 (permalink)
    We have several Roadfooders living in the area. NYNM comes to mind. Suggest you send him a PM and see if he can hook you up with others. Billyboy is a another.
    I just did a Forum Search using the word Brooklyn and came up with quite a bit of info. Try it!
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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/24 10:45:02 (permalink)
    <<Bay Ridge - I think - is a little more traditionally Italian - still?>>

    Sort of, although nearby Dyker Heights has always been more Italian than Bay Ridge ever was.

    Bay Ridge now has a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants. It's the first community you'd come to when exiting the Verrazano Bridge, so it would be a good jumping off point for any tour. There's also still some Scandinavian food shops as well. You should check the Chowhound Outer Boroughs board, they're always discussing ethnic places there.

    Sunset Park, the next neighborhood to the North has many Mexican storefront places along 5th Avenue. I like Tacos Matamoros at 4508 5th Ave. Sunset Park also has quite an active Asian section along 8th Avenue. You can get an excellent Banh Mi sandwhich at Ba Xuyen, 4222 8th Avenue.

    you might want to get your hands on a used copy of:

    It's the best guide I know of for ethnic eating in the 5 boroughs.
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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/24 11:36:03 (permalink)
    Paul--my daughter lives in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and i just talked to her ---she is making up a list for me to give you---she knows her food--this i KNOW and took us to some killer small places in Brooklyn i KNOW you will like--will get it to you as soon as she gets it to me! She took us a place  for lobster on the water that had outdoor seating and was full of neighborhood Italians singing Sinatra tunes on kareoke--its wonderful!
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    Re:Brooklyn 2010/07/25 22:17:14 (permalink)
    8th Avenue, from about 45th-65th street, has a LOT of great Chinese restaurants. My favorite is at the corner of 60th and 8th, across from the big Chinese supermarket. I am drawing a complete blank on its name.


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    Re:Brooklyn 2014/09/17 13:06:22 (permalink)
    Lately PBS' create channel has been airing a new-to-the-network series called Mike Colameco's Real Food, and yesterday's episode (#1310) was about Brooklyn.  From the website:
    "We enlist the services of two of Mike’s favorite Brooklyn Sherpas, Jordana Rothman, veteran food writer and critic and her partner Daniel Krieger one of the cities most in-demand food and wedding photographers. They’ve chosen a great little barbeque place, a 21st century ice cream store, an artisan chocolatier, introduce Mike to restaurant Maison Premiere, now one of his favorites and end the day with dinner in Gowanus at The Pines."
    The "barbeque place" referenced is Delaney Barbecue's BrisketTown, and if I was in the area I'd try to work in a visit.  Perhaps some of the NYC-area locals might find it interesting and a related Roadfood thread from scrumptiouschef can be found here.
    The current season's episodes can be viewed here.
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