Buffalo Wild Wings

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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/10/08 12:33:08 (permalink)
i can easily say its pretty good. the one i go to has 60 cent drumsticks on wednesdays
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/10/08 12:54:29 (permalink)
I wasn't too impressed with them. The spicy sauce is their saving grace.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/10/09 04:55:37 (permalink)
I can't even remember what sauce we ate.

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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/10/12 15:15:53 (permalink)

They all have 50 cents leg night, it's a company policy not just your local w3's
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/10/31 14:24:02 (permalink)
We had a BW3s (Buffalo Wild Wings West) in Kalamazoo Michigan.  I remember it to be really really good wings.  I live in the DC area now and I recently went to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Greenbelt Maryland and it was very ordinary.  I was disappointed.  The sauces were pretty good but the wings were small (no meat).  I like CLUCK U CHICKEN wayyyyyy better.  The sauce is excellent, plus the wings are big (alot of meat).  The sides are even good...like the clucker bees (fried dough bites) or the macaroni and cheese is off the CHAIN.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/11/01 15:09:51 (permalink)
BW3 was great back when they were still BW3 (the main office was upstairs over the location I frequented!) and were more of a college sports bar (and a dive).  They went all wrong when they went to suburbs and dumbed it down.  I remember them more for their schnapps selection than their wings at that University of Cincinnati location, I always got the weck anyway.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2009/11/01 18:25:33 (permalink)
They are just OK and over priced. And they do practice that annoying policy of spending far too much time training the service staff in "upselling". But they do have the NFL Sunday Pass and do seem to hire good service staff.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2010/01/09 10:38:42 (permalink)
Their hot sauce is good.  Their wings are tiny.  Their prices are astronomical for what you get.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2010/05/07 22:38:56 (permalink)
I keep hearing ads  for BWW on the NY Mets Radio broadcasts and I was actually considering it for an easy-to-get-to (North Brunswick NJ) no-hassle place for dinner out tomorrow. Thanks to all you Roadfood people for generally talking me out of it.

Plus, thier website has a lot of features I don't like (eg: no prices, very little about the individual locations other than their addresses, no pictures, etc.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2010/07/29 00:18:01 (permalink)
I'm not a fan. I've been there a few times (never my idea, meeting with friends and that's what they chose) and for what it is, their wings are expensive, as is their beer. Honestly, I can think of at least 5 local bars with kitchens (that's bars with kitchens, not restaurants with bars) that serve better wings for a whole lot less.
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RE: Buffalo Wild Wings 2010/09/25 02:55:49 (permalink)
The one here isnt too bad. The service is very good at this one
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