Burger Buns

chef joe
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2004/09/03 15:48:08 (permalink)

Burger Buns

What is the best store bought burger bun? Are they better grilled or plain? Thanks

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    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/09/03 16:26:01 (permalink)
    Funny thing. We just had sloppy Joes for our monthly company lunch. One of our ladies who lives on toast, coke and cigs signed up to bring the buns. Her name was promptly erased from the board, she was given the excuse that she was in the process of moving her home and shouldn't have to bring anything this time around. No doubt she would have brought in Tastee brand buns the size of a 50 cent piece, or something out of her freezer, and half as many as needed. Grrr. We always order buns from the bakery, or Hy-Vee has an in house bakery thats good as well. I don't recall ever having a good store bought bun. Some of the breads can be good, the buns seem to be lacking.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/09/03 23:04:34 (permalink)
    Maybe not the best, but I like Orowheat Cracked Wheat buns. Whole Foods also has a store-brand bun that's really good.

    Of course, nothing wrong with your standard cheap white bun, either!

    If I'm cooking on the grill outside, I ALWAYS toast my bun on the grill. I think it's much better than just plain.
    Lucky Bishop
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/09/04 01:18:30 (permalink)
    The large Mrs. Baird's buns, seeded. I think they call 'em "Cookout" buns.
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/09/04 01:30:16 (permalink)
    I prefer any fresh style bun from just about any bakery. The ones my grocery store makes are decent also... As for Grilled or Plain, I have to say Grilled. Grilling them helps prevent juices (from a burger or anything else greasy or saucy) from getting the bun too soggy and falling apart...
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/09/10 18:26:40 (permalink)
    I go to Whole Foods in Seattle and buy the fresh Sesame Seed Kaiser Rolls (Poppyseed if I'm having Chicken), and just lightly toast the inside.
    Junior Burger
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/10/15 18:37:58 (permalink)
    My favorite thing to use for a hamburger bun really isn't a bun at all; it's King's Hawaiian bread. They make small rolls that I slice through like taking the top off of a muffin. I also like using their regular round loaves of bread. I just cut the slices to whatever size I need and go from there.

    I also like using regular white Texas toast sized bread. (Any maker will do; where I live Mrs. Baird's is what's readily available everywhere). I can eat it plain, but I prefer it toasted.

    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/10/15 19:04:09 (permalink)
    Kaiser rolls are great--or "Bulkie rolls". Hard to find here though. Just discovered Kings Hawaian Rolls--they are nice too---but the local grocer has an inhouse bakery with a great burger bun that is similar to the wonderful italian style rolls i got back in Mass from Mazzarottis Bakery in Milford!!! Man they were good! a fine texture similar to a good norlin's style french bread. And of cousre---any bun is better toasted!
    Vince Macek
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/10/15 19:21:24 (permalink)
    Publix groceries' bakery makes some nice ones with a knife slit across the top before baking - good chewy texture along the lines of their Italian sandwich bread (I wrap 'em in foil and oven heat them). They've edged out the kaiser roll as my bun of choice.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/10/15 22:37:01 (permalink)
    Sorry, but I got to go with this: Isn't burger buns what the lady got who had the too-hot coffee at McDonalds? [Not dealing with the obvious.]
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/10/16 14:58:11 (permalink)
    I like regular sliced white bread for my burgers. Just the right ratio of meat/bread. IMHO
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Burger Buns 2004/10/16 18:25:32 (permalink)
    I usually get sesame-seeded Kaiser rolls. If I can, I buy the store (Safeway) brand. This is not an area where I think gourmet is better. For me, it's like eating white bread with BBQ. I prefer large, but not dense, buns.
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