Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's

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2009/07/04 12:51:22 (permalink)

Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's

 Does anyone remember when BK sold hot dogs?  The were served in a hot dog shaped styrophome package.  They were so good, they must have used very good quality meats, we would get them instead of burgers.

I guess they were more independent back them and did not have to sell the same things as all the other BKs.
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    Re:Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's 2009/07/04 13:57:11 (permalink)
    I di remember the dogs in the styrofaom box.  I opened it up and along with a squirts of Catsup and mustard there was a bright green glob of relish.
    The same time they had the Salad bar deal.  That was an insult!  I know one opiton was a half of a pita pocket.  you got a small plate to hold it and could stuff as much as you could into your pita.  The choice was iceberg mix,,,CC, A multi-bean salad, cloeslaw and choice of dressings.  One shot only.  They also had a small clam shell bos that you ould fill once for .99!
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    Re:Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's 2009/07/04 22:49:49 (permalink)
    bk didn't make it to washington until the 80's, so we never got the hot dogs or salad bars......
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    Re:Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's 2009/07/05 14:34:33 (permalink)
    In 1971  my wife arrived to So Cal from Montego Bay Jahmaica to attend college on a student exchange program, a few months later we met.  After graduating and before we wed in 1974 she went to see her relatives in Miami and knowing how much I liked hot dogs she told me about the hot dogs she ate and liked a lot at Burger King which had not arrived to So Cal at that time, by the time they did they no longer carried hot dogs on their menu
    This reminds me of Carl's Jr, which began as a hot dog stand in the 1940s in suburban Orange County and until they went national and franchising in the 1980s they not only had the steamed hot dogs but also the incredibly good California Roast Beef Sandwich, roast beef, swiss cheese, Anaheim chile slice, and tomato on a sesame seed roll.  Sadly, they eliminated both of those signature items whgen expanding and I have never been back to Carl's since
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    Re:Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's 2009/07/07 15:54:43 (permalink)
    Sure, I remember Burger King's hot dogs. Not sure I ever ordered one,  but I remember they microwaved them right there behind the counter. I believe it was the first time I ever saw a microwave in use! 
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    Re:Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's 2009/08/18 01:08:21 (permalink)
    I do not remember the BK hot dog. But I do work there and don't know why there is not hot dog's on the menu. But if you are ever there order chicken tender's, add mayo, BBQ sauce (get it from the kitchen it's way better) and add just a little bit of mustard. And I swear to god it tastes like a hot dog...  Cover the top of chicken with mayo, then about a dimes size of BBQ, and just a little squirt of mustard! Enjoy!?!?

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    Re:Burger King Hot Dogs in the 70's 2009/10/17 14:33:15 (permalink)
     I remember the hot dogs well, remember the "works bar" this was believed to be the predecessor for all of today's salad bars.
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