Burger (R.I.P.), Pittsfield, Mass.

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2008/10/25 17:55:00 (permalink)

Burger (R.I.P.), Pittsfield, Mass.

Formerly a strict blue-collar town, Pittsfield in the westernmost part of Massachusetts is enjoying a revitalization of sorts. Famous for supporting not one but two competing mini-dog establishments (Teo’s and Hot Dog Ranch), this town now has a great hamburger purveyor that’s not a chain. Burger is the name, and burgers are their game…

And so started my unfinished review of Burger (297 North St., Pittsfield, MA). I paused to check the Internet for their phone number. Sadly, I stumbled on a few posts that said Burger had closed on or around September 22. What?!? Amy & I had an amazing meal there on September 6, so you can imagine our shock when the place closed two weeks later. Our sagging economy was to blame, but Burger gave it a helluva go. You can still view their menu[url='http://www.eatatburger.com/menu.html']here[/url]. In any case, please enjoy these pictures…they still make my mouth water!

What drew us here in the first place: the American Kobe burger ($14.99):

Their hearty falafel burger ($4.99):

Their corn dog ($2.99), the only impediment to a perfect RF meal. Amy noticed the "Foster Farms" logo on the stick before I did...it was frozen and it tasted that way! Very greasy and not at all snappy:

This was a combo basket ($3.99) of eggplant, sweet potato, and Idaho "dirty" fries (with seasoned salt). We'd never heard of eggplant fries before, and they were excellent. On the side was a very tasty tomato dip:

Their Rocky Road shake ($5.99), with mini-marshmallows, almond slivers, and malt dust; it was thin enough to slurp through a straw until the bottom was filled with sweet detritus -- very good as well:

Their cookies ($1.99 each) were also delicious -- not as crunchy as I'd hoped, but I did appreciate their well-done taste and appearance. Amy liked their softness. There was a basket of them at the register:

Shots of the inside of the restaurant -- the owners spent an awful lot of money on the retro interior design:

The kitchen had a red-tinted window for customer viewing. Notice the Oscar Mayer toy car on top of the wall, too:

And an outside shot of the door that opens onto North St. downtown:

An Internet source said that this space already had signs in the windows that indicated another business moving in, and we can only hope that it's as great as Burger was -- and that they'll hang on longer in Pittsfield. Happy eating! Chris

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    RE: Burger (R.I.P.), Pittsfield, Mass. 2008/11/04 11:05:07 (permalink)
    It is sad they closed.
    Too bad they spent all that money on the chic decor.
    Check Teo's or The Hot Dog Ranch ... their success shows you don't need antique signs and fancy glass arrows to survive in Pittsfield.

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    RE: Burger (R.I.P.), Pittsfield, Mass. 2008/11/04 11:21:59 (permalink)
    In a perfect world, great places like this would thrive.....and Ronald McDonald would never have existed!!!!!!
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    RE: Burger (R.I.P.), Pittsfield, Mass. 2008/11/04 11:30:29 (permalink)
    In looking at the pictures ... they went out of business before they even put up a sign ... that says to me their priorities were all wrong -- or they ran out of money the day they opened.

    ann peeples
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    RE: Burger (R.I.P.), Pittsfield, Mass. 2008/11/04 17:05:52 (permalink)
    Oh my, ayersian-come to Summerfest in Milwaukee for the best eggplant strips you have ever had!!!The other food you pictured looks awesome, and its too bad a place you liked closed...
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