Burgers from the Freezer

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2004/03/30 08:51:47 (permalink)

Burgers from the Freezer

I have never tried a White Castle burger and I am curious,should I try the frozen ones from the store or try to duplicate them at home with a copycat recipie?

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    RE: Burgers from the Freezer 2004/03/30 08:57:56 (permalink)
    For the best experience White Castle's are to be enjoyed hot off of the line. Find your closest stand and go to it.

    The frozen ones are not as good as they fresh ones and since the bugers are very thin and steamed I think they would be hard to duplicate at home. but good luck!
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    RE: Burgers from the Freezer 2004/04/06 18:33:35 (permalink)
    Frozen White Castles are o.k. prepared in a microwave. You have to experiment with different heating times and methods (wrapping in paper towels, etc.) to get close to the fresh ones. I always add mustard and a dill pickle slice after removing them from the microwave. They're better than not having any "gut bombs" at all. I do the same thing with Krystals. A friend brings me two or three dozen Krystals, I freeze them, and prepare them the same way.

    Hope this helps,
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    RE: Burgers from the Freezer 2004/04/06 20:42:27 (permalink)
    I love those lil white castle cheeseburgers from the freezer...I usually boil a cup of water in a bowl in the nuker before heating up a frozen burger, wrapped in a paper towel....works great!
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    RE: Burgers from the Freezer 2004/04/07 06:57:14 (permalink)
    I think the frozen ones are vile. Something terrible happens to the onions in the freezing process, which causes something terrible to happen to my digestive system a couple of hours after eating one.

    Don't get me wrong - I love the ones at White Castle, nor do I get any rumblings after eating one.
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    RE: Burgers from the Freezer 2004/04/27 14:50:15 (permalink)
    I think that the frozen ones have a strange taste. They are over priced too. My husband said that he saw Krystal Burgers in a store the other day in the freezer section. I haven's tried those but I expect that they will taste about like the Krystals.
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