Business Plan for mobile food vending

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2008/05/28 16:26:52 (permalink)

Business Plan for mobile food vending

Hello from hot sunny south florida...

Well, I had my first event 3 weeks ago with the pig and you guys were right...i lost my ass!! No one showed up and i learned a valuable lesson.

However, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! Have another event this weekend and I'm doing crawfish boil for 10/plate. In the mean time...I'm trying to put a business plan together after getting insurance, incorporating, etc.

Any advice? Damn, the templates I've looked at online want so much information and my first born too :)

There has to be an easier way in the beginning. I lost my day job so this is my only source of income.....thanks again for your prompt reply.


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    RE: Business Plan for mobile food vending 2008/05/28 21:11:13 (permalink)
    Hi from further south Key West
    What are you licensed for?
    In the beginning you need a location and suitable cart for what you intend to serve.
    Depends on counties here in FL
    Every county is not the same. Every city is not the same.
    You have to be very adaptable in the mobile food biz.
    I had a biz plan, but real life was not the same.
    I am far away from the original plan.
    But it has succeeded beyond what I planed for.
    open mind
    look for opps
    pricing is also a big issue.
    price to the event, not what you think you can profit.
    profit comes from customer preceived value.
    my 2 cents.
    hope that helps
    island joey
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    RE: Business Plan for mobile food vending 2008/05/29 01:43:39 (permalink)
    What do you want the business plan to do for you?
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    RE: Business Plan for mobile food vending 2008/05/29 07:51:21 (permalink)
    The best advice anyone can be given is "KNOW YOUR COSTS". If you're capable of making a spreadsheet, start out by identifying all your costs related to your business and making a determination of whether those costs are sunk, fixed or variable. It's important that you include every cost element regardless of its size.

    Once you've done this, you can determine what your "breakeven" is. My advice to people who I help is "You have to break even before you can make a profit".

    If you are incapable of making this spread sheet yourself, spend a couple of bucks and get someone to set it up for you and then you can maintain it. Don't let pride or ignorance get in the way of success.

    Once you feel comfortable with the "numbers", you can then put your Business Plan together. Keep in mind that a working Business Plan is nothing but a roadmap. In the beginning of a business, the Business Plan is really just a vision. It's important to develop that vision into a plan, but it's rare that reality matches the initial vision. That's why I use the term "working Business Plan". By using it as a living document, you can easily tell when and where you managed to get off course from your original plan. Like I said, it's really a roadmap. You need to identify where you are presently, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. When you identify a roadblock or a hurdle, you need to decide your course of action. Ignore the roadblocks and hurdles and your Business Plan is worthless.

    If you're not using a Business Plan for the purpose of financing your business, make it simple, real simple. It's not a dissertation. It's a description of what you are, what you want to be, and what it will take to get there. The numbers are the most important part. Keep them real and keep them accurate.

    I hope this helps.
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    RE: Business Plan for mobile food vending 2008/05/30 11:10:35 (permalink)
    I used one of the templates/samples offered on the Small Business Administration web site. Kept the subtopics (Introduction, Marketing, Financial Mgt, etc) and filled in 2-3 paragraphs under each specific to my business. Worked on it over a weekend, and according to my banker and the SBA, it turned out OK. Good luck.
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